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1 By Your Side By Your Side

I am very annoyed that strangers here isn even on this top 30 list lol. It's my favorite all time song.
Don't get me wrong. I love most all TAN's music, but 'Strangers here' is the best - Leonard_C

2 You Are More You Are More

This song reaches out to many diverse individuals and I would love to share it on our mental health site "Connecting Peers"

This song just washed my old identity away and it told me that I'm not defined by what people call me, but what God calls me. - OhioStateBuckeyes

3 Healing Begins Healing Begins

I think this one should be #1

4 Hold My Heart Hold My Heart

I love this song. This song has really deep lyrics. The true feeling of pain is there in the song. Just listen to it definitely gonna love it

5 Losing Losing
6 For Those Who Can't Speak For Those Who Can't Speak
7 Worn Worn

This song is beautiful. Why isn't it number one?

The greatest, most poetic song ever.

8 Closer Closer
9 Stars In the Night Stars In the Night

"Your love, will lead us through the fight, like stars in the night." - keycha1n

10 Love Is Here Love Is Here

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11 The Struggle The Struggle

Sometimes I think their best songs are under rated -strangers here-the struggle-strong enough to save. You know - Leonard_C

12 Strong Enough to Save Strong Enough to Save
13 Just Getting By Just Getting By
14 Beloved Beloved

Love this song... Please help make it number 1 please

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15 Oh My Dear Oh My Dear
16 Cathedrals Cathedrals
17 Any Other Way Any Other Way
18 Times Times
19 On and On On and On
20 The Truth Is Who You Are The Truth Is Who You Are
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1. You Are More
2. By Your Side
3. For Those Who Can't Speak
1. By Your Side
2. Worn
3. You Are More
1. By Your Side
2. Worn
3. You Are More

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