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21 Killing Season

Easily the best hook they have to offer. Up there with the best of the older bands: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath. Not my favourite band but this is easily on my iTunes replay.

22 Native Blood

An amazing song should be way higher then this please vote for it more people

Amazing song and the song which got me into Testament.

Badass song.. the guitar duo is awesome... just love it...

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23 The Preacher

Surprised how low this is. One of the songs in thrash as far as I'm concerned. Impressive pace & a sweet melody, with some of Chuck's best vocal work - Perfect for pitting.

24 Legions of the Dead
25 Rise Up

One of the most powerful testament's song. The most original thrash intro! Testament is like the wine.. Better as the years go by!

26 Dark Roots of Earth

Awesome melody. Modern thrash combined with their good old old-school stuff turned out to be just EPIC!

27 The Persecuted Won't Forget
28 A Day In the Death
29 3 Days in Darkness

There's a reason as to why this song is always performed live. It's just so good. The riffs and Chuck's vocals are amazing

The main riff kills even after so many years

30 Trail of Tears

How is this not higher? , I'm a massive testament fan and this song is seriously underrated, amazing songwriting by these guys not to mention the solo love the part where Peterson comes in for that epic part then Murphy totally melts your face off. At least their best song from Low and probably the 90s too, better than Electric Crown, Low, Eyes of Wrath and Return to Serenity for sure. Chuck's voice was probably in his prime here too, at least 'musically' anyway rather than shouting thrash, though his voice has always been amazing.

Such an awesome song from start to finish, I think it deserves to be a lot higher. I love all of Testament from The Legacy to Dark Roots.. They've done so many amazing tracks, this song would definitely be in my top 10 and on most days my top 5

Why isn't this considered a testament classic? This song is beautiful, I didn't think that they could give such great guitar work without skolnick but Peterson totally pulled it off

31 Apocalyptic City

Not my favorite album but I think this is the best song out of all of them - LMARINE

38? While Return To Serenity is 4? You people are idiots.

My favorite Testament tune... I can feel the fire!

Together with Fall of the sipledome my favorite Testament song.

32 Eerie Inhabitants

It sets the stage for one of the greatest albums in metal. My favorite is The New Order but I had to vote for Eerie Inhabitants just because of how wrong it is for this song to be at 38. - surgeonsanic

33 Henchmen Ride

This was my first Testament Song! It's amazing!

34 Low


35 Musical Death

A very well composed instrumental, it has a very good structure with soft, heavy and fast parts. It was the first testament song I ever heard and loved it straight away, being a Metallica fan this band was easy to get into. - dragon13304

My favourite song, this song is very technical and also very melodic, this two things make this song a very beautiful one, such a MASTERPIECE.

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36 Sewn Shut Eyes V 1 Comment
37 True Believer

Seriously amazed this isn't higher, I absolutely love the sound of this song. The slower beat and pure, gritty vocals are just so well done in this it melts my mind!

Great song from a great album. True Believer has all I need to hear in a song: instrumental stuff, heavy riffs and a lethal voice! One of the best!

38 F.E.A.R.

Amazing song, deserves higher - amjad


39 The Formation of Damnation
40 Stronghold

CRUSHING song from their 11th album, just the best song on the album!

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