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41 F.E.A.R.

Amazing song, deserves higher - amjad


42 Born in a Rut
43 The Formation of Damnation
44 Eyes of Wrath
45 Stronghold

CRUSHING song from their 11th album, just the best song on the album!

46 Dog Faced Gods

This is like the best thrash metal song ever! Amazing riffs, amazing solo, brutal vocal. Absolutely the best song by Testament. , /

This CANNOT be this low what

47 Curse of the Legions of Death
48 Man Kills Mankind

Most underrated Testament song. The most awesome riffs and awesome vocals from chuck. I headbang to every second of this song and it sends chills down my spine every time chuck goes "winds of change keeps you searching for the truth" - HS_OUTDOOR_LIFE

49 The Pale King

Very aggressive very fun to play

50 One Man's Fate
51 The Evil Has Landed

, I can't get enough of this song! This is probably in my top 3 testament tunes. This is probably the next metal classic

52 Afterlife

Really underrated song gives me the feels every time its about chuck losing his father and cherishing all the wisdom his dad passed on and how he belives he will see him again in the afterlife, this song has an epic solo and amazing chorus and in my opinion is one of testaments best songs

53 So Many Lies

Everyone is somehow forgetting about the most intense Testament song of them, this has got everything and it brings a tear to my eye every time I listen to it. I suggest that Testament fans give this song another listen.

How are people not voting for this one. Please listen to it closely, you won't be disappointed.

54 Blessed In Contempt
55 Hail Mary

The sick intro is magnificent. The vocals are quite fitting to the lyrics the awesome drums and the solo oh my God, how 's that not even top ten...

56 Perilous Nation

This is such an original Thrash song, obviously you all don't know good Testament because this should DEFINITELY be their #1

I was looking for this song, and I was very impressed when founded here!

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57 Ride
58 Demonic Refusal
59 Reign of Terror
60 Rapid Fire
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