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61 Reign of Terror
62 Rapid Fire
63 A Day of Reckoning
64 Animal Magnetism

Seriously... not even on the list? I'm not gonna tell you it should be this or that. It's a scorpions remake... just happens to be a very good one. Give a listen and make up your own mind

65 Together As One
66 Nightmare (Coming Back to You)

I'm surprised that no one thought to put this song on the list. It's not their best song, but I have to say I like the song a lot. - Element119

67 Seven Seals
68 Do or Die

This song kicks major ass I don't understand why more people are not picking this song this is the best song off of there best album "No body will here you scream or shout once you're in you won't come out you will never see the light of day I'm the hunter you're my pray" so bad ass should be #1.

69 New Eyes of Old

In my humble opinion one of their best Songs... So underrated

70 Urotsukidoji

Amazing bass, over the top riffs, simply one of the best instrumentals.

71 Time Is Coming

This is one of my 10 favorites! The first song I listened to (because of Pandora radio), and is still a good song

Vote for this!

72 Greenhouse Effect
73 Deadline

In my opinion, One of Testament's most under-rated songs and my personal favorite off their album "The Ritual, I love the heavy guitar riffs and the vocal work done is very superb, this is one of the TRUE thrash metal songs I have heard... and I love it! How this is not ranked higher is way beyond me.

74 Let Go of My World
75 Neptune's Spear
76 As the Season Grey V 1 Comment
77 Envy Life
78 Hypnosis
79 Nobody's Fault
80 Confusion Fusion
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