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1 Disintegration

Engrossing and enchanting. As depressing or uplifting as you want it to be.

Great driving album!

I think this is the album that gave the cure irs complete fame

12. Faith
11. Three Imaginary Boys
10. Seventeen Seconds
9. Bloodflowers
8. 4:13 Dream
7. The Top
6. The Cure
5. Wish
4. Pornography
3. The Head in The Door
2. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
1. Disintegration

2 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

My Number 1 Cure Album, a Summa of The Cure

3 Pornography

The ultimate Gothic Rock album, key songs being One Hundred Years, Siamese Twins, The Figurehead, and A Strange Day.

4 The Head On the Door

Equal parts commercial and anti-pop. A classic album.

My "gateway" Cure record and just great from front to back. - Kidkoffee

5 Three Imaginary Boys
6 Seventeen Seconds

So underrated on these lists. Should be at least top 3 on any old Cure fan's list. - Kidkoffee

7 Wish

Should be way higher Top 3 at least I have hits like Apart, From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, A Letter To Elise & High - OasisFeelsLove

Wish is a masterpiece, along with Disintegration, Bloodflowers and Pornography a fantastic album - Liam1982

Stunning album. The last outstanding LP The Cure released in their career. - BrunoMunter

8 Boys Don't Cry
9 Bloodflowers

Bloodflowers is, to me, their best sounding album. One of the best albums ever made (and Maybe Someone & Last Day of Summer among my top 5 The Cure songs). Their last truly great album. - Bicyclerepairman

10 The Cure

The Contenders

11 Faith

Their second best album.

12 The Top
13 4:13 Dream
14 Wild Mood Swings
15 Japanese Whispers
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1. The Head On the Door
2. Seventeen Seconds
3. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
1. Bloodflowers
2. Wish
3. Disintegration
1. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
2. Disintegration
3. The Head On the Door

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