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1 Doors Doors

This is probably one of the few albums I've heard in my entire life where I love every single song. Not a single dull one, each one has it's own character. All four members contributed to the memorably distinct sound of the Doors.

Every song in this album is amazing, break on through, soul kitchen, crystal ship, 20th century fox, Alabama song, LIGHT MY FIRE, BACK DOOR MAN, THE END! Definitely one of the greatest rock albums of all time - fidelcanojr

This is a genuine masterpiece. Such a blend of various styles, from Physcadelic, to blues, to acid rock. Yet, all of it seems so personalized to The Doors themselves. What's more is just how well every member works with one another. One of the greatest albums ever made, no doubt.

2 L.A. Woman L.A. Woman
3 Strange Days Strange Days

One of those albums you can set back and never have to skip more than 1 or 2 songs. - westofohio

This is waayyy better than la woman voted for it because it's my favorite but the best one is the doors

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4 Waiting for the Sun Waiting for the Sun
5 Morrison Hotel Morrison Hotel

Pulled the out of the funk of the soft parade and a great set up for la woman.

6 Soft Parade Soft Parade

This isn't their best; their first album is. The critics (and some fans) didn't love "The Soft Parade"; however, I do. My parents had the album, and I played it over and over. "Wishful Sinful" is in my top three favorite The Doors songs. - Blue_Devereaux

7 An American Prayer An American Prayer
8 The Best Of The Doors The Best Of The Doors

That's right. For the one I have it's got two discs of pure awesome Doors music. :-)

On Cassette Tape it was one tape. I believe it left Alabama Song off the tape. On the CD it was a bonus track. - westofohio

9 The Doors Original Soundtrack Recording The Doors Original Soundtrack Recording
10 Other Voices Other Voices

Its not that bad..

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11 Full Circle Full Circle
12 Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
13 Absolutely Live Absolutely Live
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1. Doors
2. Morrison Hotel
3. Strange Days
1. Strange Days
2. Doors
3. L.A. Woman
1. Doors
2. Strange Days
3. L.A. Woman

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