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1 How to Save a Life How to Save a Life Cover Art

Absolutely incredible song! Best song in the entire WORLD! Amazing lyrics, great meaning, absolutely love it. Makes me cry every time! Love it!

Can never stop myself from singing along! Awesome song! Awesome music!

This song has beyond word's description. I can't put into words how amazingly beautiful it is. the message, the lyrics, the chords, the voice... WOW. mindblowing love this song so much.

Its just so sad.. To be honest this song is a lot better than most of the crap in 2017, now we just have dabbing, memes, bullying, harassment, ISIS attacks, terrorism, deaths, inhumane people, etc…

In YouTube, 2009-2012 were the golden years of YouTube, Tobuscus my favorite YouTuber was all so happy and cheerful and always tried to smile, but now he was accused of serious crimes and is heartbroken yet still tries to smile. DanTDM, my other favorite YouTuber was a lot less popular and he uploaded great content with Dr. band Grimm where we had a connection with them. SkyDoesMinecraft, my former favorite YouTuber, he still continues Minecraft. Thing is he swears a lot, is a lot more depressed, he lost his friends and broke apart the most popular friendship in the Gaming Community, still I wanted to save my friends who have been slaughtered or lost.

Now I'm not emo or weird or anything, just that this song from the 2009 sends a really deep nostalgic message that makes me ...more

2 You Found Me You Found Me Cover Art

This song should absolutely obviously be at 1. I mean what is it doing in second position...!? People please please please please please vote! Let the best song win the 1st place dis song is just so cool! It truly rules!
Its a total injustice to the song!

This song shakes you from the inside... Profoundness in the lyrics, awesome vocal work and touching tune! Plus it inculcates an intense feeling in your head. What else do you need Fellas?!?

Incredible song! So emotional and beautiful, it touches your soul! :') It's one of my favourite songs ever!

'You Found Me' has so much meaning to me. This was the song that was playing when I was asking my teacher of two years if they knew that I was dyslexic and he said yes and that he just saw that I delt with it so well. Honestly, I never thought I did. "Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me. " That was what I was and that was what happened. I found myself with 'you found me' I say that because after that I started telling my friends and all they said was that that meant that I was twenty times stronger than they thought. Then my first concert was a The Fray concert and they played this song and I just cried as Isac looked at me and just looked pained at the sight of me crying. I wish I could tell him why I was crying

3 Never Say Never Never Say Never Cover Art

I think this is THE best song by fray.

This song really gets to me and its amazing <3.
And I hate it how Justin beiber made a song out of this. I mean dude, it's FRAY not Justin beiber

That's the kind of song I love to hear again and again, I just love it and believe me people it's this one that made me a big fan of The Fray...

its...i dont kno wat 2 say bt its close 2 my heart... i wish i cud dedicate it 2 my love...

At the starting of the song, the synthesizer part is simply awesome. The first time when I heard this song, I simply fell in love with it. It really should be in the top 3 and this song ACTUALLY deserves to be in it. To whoever who is reading this comment, I request you to hear this song rather than hearing the justin bieber song...

4 Over My Head Over My Head Cover Art

Great song! The moving piano melody is fantastic, better than How to Save Life in my opinion.

Beautiful song! Worth to be at number one! I started to listen them after over my head

Great song Mike Ponser did a great cover. The fray over my head remix... This should be number 1 deserves to be great vocals
love this song...

I'm sorry, but this should be tied number one with How To Save The Life, or at least second... It is infinitely better than You Found Me and Look After You... I am absolutely in love with this song, anyone would be, really

5 Look After You Look After You Cover Art

A very relatable lyric to relationships especially at young stages but can be tough to hear as the one who it relates to.

It's so hard to pick one song.. I love this band, they got a lot of awesome songs. I'd say "look after you" because the lyrics mean something to me.

I think 'look after you' should be in tie with 'How to save a life' for the first place... the song is just amazing...

Truly gorgeous. I cry every time I hear this song, even though most people cry when they hear How to Save a Life. This won seems to hit closer to home with me and it is a beautiful song. Give it a listen; you won't be disappointed.

6 Say When Say When Cover Art

PLease tenth place, what an insult to the song. This is such an uplifting song

Why is this not 1st? It's the best song ever! Not even by them just in the world! It's full of emotion and meaning and the melody goes with the song really well. It should be first what the heck?

Glad to see this song on the top 10 list! : ) I love the lyrics, and Isaac Slade's voice is a-ma-zing! As always, of course ;-)

Say when is the best song EVER written by the Fray. After I heard this song I have become attached to it. I have yet to find a song that I thought was better than this. Please someone help me find similar to this!

7 Heartbeat Heartbeat Cover Art

Amazing new song.. It's sound make feel ohhoo.. Feel your heartbeat.

Loving this song! It's so catchy, its on repeat on my itunes! I think it should be higher on the list

I think this song is totally underrated because it's from their new album. This is just as good (or maybe even better) than How to Save A Life and You Found Me. It's SO AWESOME: lyrics, melody, EVERYTHING. On repeat for me too!

L love it.. The words are great and I love the music.. Its not their best though

8 Syndicate Syndicate Cover Art

This song is great and should be higher. Why isn't astray/dead wrong on here?

I listened to it when I was 10...It was good.

This is my personal favourite song from the fray..I have an emotional connection to the song as well...and consider it one of my all time favourite songs...such is the warmth and relief I get when listening to it...wish it were number one on the list

Seriously, this song is AMAZING! It should be way higher on this list.

9 Run for Your Life Run for Your Life Cover Art

This is one of the best songs I've listened to in a very long time. I don't understand why it's at 9, it should be the first preference :) this song and all of the songs that the fray write, and sing, have the most thought felt lyrics that I have ever read let alone heard in a very very long time. I love everything about their lyrics. They really speak to you.

Absolutely amazing. This album should've been the MAIN soundtrack for The Hunger Games but this song in particular should've been it's theme song. I LOVE it

This song is amazing... Very sad story, but great meaning!

Pretty much the best song I've heard in awhile... Love it

10 Absolute Absolute Cover Art

This is by far one of the best songs of the fray, everything about it is perfect the music the lyrics I can't believe this is not in the top 5! Absolutely astonishing...

Amazing song. I can not believe this song is so low in the rankings.

This song has kept me going for so long, you should give it a try, because it's in my top 5

WHAT? Why is this at 26? This is as awesome as heaven! God!

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11 Break Your Plans Break Your Plans Cover Art

Can't stop listening to this song. Should be in the top 10.

AMAZING! Top five for sure!

Should be top 15 fo sure

It is not 40

12 She Is She Is Cover Art

This song really gets to me and puts me in a good mood because whenever I listen to it I think of my crush/girlfriend

This is the best of the fray songs! I love it...

I just think its great song because there repeating of I in the chorus part

This is a great song deserves more than a 14 ranking.

13 All at Once All at Once Cover Art

This is number one on my list. Number 20?!? What a joke. How is this behind "Syndicate" or "She Is". Those songs are good, but this one is way better.

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same" this phrase is just amazing!

This song should definitely be in the top 10.

"And all at once the crowd begins to sing... Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"

14 Enough for Now Enough for Now Cover Art

This song just makes me cry every time I hear it. It has raw emotion that is expressed through both the lyrics and the voice of the Singer. It's one of those rare combinations that people just love. If You haven't listened to it. Please Do.

It is an stellar song that deserves much more views and thumbs ups, don't you agree? Come on, VOTE! NOW! PLEASE!

The Fray has so many amazing songs, and this is absolutely one of the top ones, should be ranked higher. The lyrics and the singing's very emotional, it's impossible not to get touched by this song.

Every time I hear this song, I can't stop the tears from streaming. It definitely deserves more views and or downloads!

15 Here We Are Here We Are Cover Art
16 Where the Story Ends Where the Story Ends Cover Art

How come this song is only at 22nd place? It's so deep and thoughtful. There are more possible interpretations to this song, but personally I like to look at it as a song about two people who want to connect and bond, but are finding it difficult to do so. Especially the woman, who will leave her parental house in order to leave with her husband/boyfriend, but is she actually ready to do so?
It could also be about Living Apart Together, but now taking the next step even though they are going through tough times ocassionally.

Overall, a great song and it should definitely end up higher in the list!

This is probably one of the most underrated songs by the Fray. The pure emotion and how great the melody is should definitely put this in the top 3!

This is a great song and this should be 1 no joke

Such an emotional song, should be in top 3!

17 The Fighter The Fighter Cover Art

The lover held her love
She begged him not to go
She unwrapped his gloves
The lover said I know, I know, I know
Kissed his trembling lips
She touched his fingertips
But somehow they both know
He's not coming home, coming home

Heartbreaking, full of emotion. Yet absolutely catchy and amazing.

I think that this is a really good song. It has good lyrics and good music, and everything goes really well together. It's fast becoming one of my favourite songs from The Fray. Top three, at least.

Musically and lyrically, this song is incredible. The level of emotion that exists both in the storyline is like that of a journey over a lifetime. Captivating.

The song is actually so amazing. the meaning of the lyrics is so heartbreaking. I literally can't get it off repeat. It's a song I don't think I will every forget

18 Love Don't Die

I have to admit this isn't my favorite song, but if I actually tried to pick one out of all these absolutely beautiful MASTERPIECES I just know my head will EXPLODE =P So I'm gonna settle for voting for one that I think should be higher on the list.

This song deserves a better place, it is very catchy, and surprisingly badass for a fray song.

An amazing song! Should be in the top ten, makes you feel so happy.

But Love Don't Die! No matter where we goo! Ah ha!

Awesome song!

19 Rainy Zurich Rainy Zurich Cover Art

DAMN! This should be much higher on the list... Tis song absolutely blew me away... Best of isaac slade, best of the fray? Why not

This is the best of the fray Really the best. Guys lets take t to number 1

Takes me to Zurich every single time!

This is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard.. it should be definitely higher on this list..

20 Heartless Heartless Cover Art

This is actually the first song that's made me go a lot of people cry over songs and I'm completely untouched, but this song somehow really gets me. I don't know if it's the tune or the meaning or both, but wow, what a song!

Are you kidding me. This is such an amazing song should be way above in the list. Amazing guitar work and heartfelt lyrics. In the night I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
'Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless'

It is not theirs, but is created for them! They play it with so much sense... Very moving!

Not as good as how to save... Or you found me.. But definitely better than 12th rank

21 Turn Me On Turn Me On Cover Art
22 Be Still Be Still Cover Art

This song is absolutely amazing and the lyrics are just WOW. This song is by far my favourite song sung by The Fray.

This song is definitely gonna be the song I'll be listening to when I'm going far far away from my boyfriend to never see him again 10 months later and it makes me cry each time I listen to it.

Love this song because has a deep meaning. Keep the faith that no matter what God will be there for us

Heard it on Vampire Diaries rewinded the scene 10x just so I could hear the song again

23 Little House Little House Cover Art

This is by far my favorite song by them. It has an amazing piano part that I have wanted to learn forever. It may be short, but it has amazing vocals and the music is amazing. I am in love with it. For a while Heaven Forbid was my favorite song, but when I heard this I fell in love.

I really wish that this song had more listeners so people could see how incredible it is. I can really relate to the lyrics and I think it's beautiful. If you are reading this just look this song up and give it a chance, please.

It may be short but its one of those hidden songs that make you feel glad you heard it. at seems one of those songs on an able that is a hidden gem that most people ignore, but it really is beautiful. This song is my ringtone, that's how much I love it, and the music is the best part and the lyrics just ties it all together.

This song deserves more listens... The lyrics are so relatable and powerful, and the musicality is perfect

24 Hundred Hundred Cover Art
25 Happiness Happiness Cover Art

I am absolutely astonished this song isn't the very first one. The lyrics are indescribably. "Happiness damn near destroys you, breaks your faith to pieces on the floor. So you tell yourself, 'that's enough for now. ' Happiness has a violent roar. " The statement the song makes is one almost never described that I've heard of, it's so incredibly unique but true. "Happiness feels a lot like sorrow. " Also, you can literally feel Isaac's voice, you can almost touch it. The sound of it takes my breath away. Every line is flawless. Please, someone agree with me. This song is breathtaking, legendary.

Always makes me cry and that's what I look for in a song. Reminds me so much of a difficult phase in my life. Honestly this song speaks the truth to me more than any other song I've heard. I could cry myself to sleep with it on replay. My heaven would be to hear Issac perform it live to me

This song is lyrically beautiful. The meaning is very deep and the chorus near the end potentially takes one's breath away into the melody.

Why is this song so underrated? It's just beautiful, definitely deserves a better place

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