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1 Everything I Ask For

I Acctually Love All OF Their Songs! AWESOME SINGING JOHN! Love Kennedy, Garratte, Pat & Jared Too

2 Into Your Arms

This song made me fall in love with The Maine. I Must Be Dreaming would also rank high up for me. Check out the acoustic version:) amazing lyrics!

3 Inside of You
4 Don't Stop Now
5 Right Girl
6 When I'm at Home

This is an amazing song! So much deeper than half of the songs in the top ten right now.

7 Every Road
8 Color
9 Growing Up
10 My Heroine

Pioneer was the best album yet. To be honest, I don't even like listening to the first two.

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? Fuel to the Fire
? Girls Do What They Want

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11 I Wanna Love You
12 Listen to Your Heart

I love this song! I love the chorus, it just makes me want to go crazy and just rock out! And then do something stupid because my heart wants me to

13 I Must Be Dreaming
14 These Four Words
15 Saving Grace
16 Misery

This is their best song

What... This is a awesone song, so low?

17 Diet Soda Society

My second favorite song of all time. - JusticeDemocrat666

18 Am I Pretty?

Great song

19 We'll All Be...
20 24 Floors
21 Another Night On Mars
22 Taxi

€Is the sadness everlasting? ”
“Love, I think it is.” - SiriuslySeverus1025

23 Like We Did (Windows Down)

Brings back that nostalgic feeling and catchy to dance to

24 Untangle Me
25 Some Days
26 Don't Give Up On Us
27 Take Me Dancing
28 The Way We Talk
29 Whoever She Is
30 This Is the End
31 Thinking of You
32 Give It to Me
33 Life Like This
34 Identify
35 Time to Go
36 Book of Me and You
37 We All Roll Along
38 While Listening to Rock & Roll
39 You Left Me
40 Count 'Em One, Two, Three
41 I'm Sorry
42 Free
43 If I Only Had the Heart
44 Waiting for My Sun to Shine
45 You'll Never Know

When I get home from school; sad, tired, about to give up on trying I listen to this song and immediately I know that everything will be okay, that I have to try till I get what I want, that life is worth it. Thank you the Maine for helping me go through life the way I do now and for teaching me your awesome philosophy of life.
This band should get known... It is awesome.
You'll never know unless you take it there, you'll never know...

46 Miles Away
47 Same Suit, Different Tie
48 My Hair
49 English Girls
50 (Un)lost
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1. Every Road
2. When I'm at Home
3. Don't Stop Now
1. Right Girl
2. Inside of You
3. Everything I Ask For


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