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1 The Bird and the Worm The Bird and the Worm Cover Art

A truly amazing song, fantastic vocals truly great instrumental and just an all round creepy but great feel to it. The lyrics are great and the music fits in perfectly. This is a truly perfectly amazing song. Five Star.

This song is the best explanation for schizofrenia. I've been suffering from schizofrenia for a year now, and this song has been my friend and comfort in a hard and ongoing dark period of my life. Thank you, the used, for the bird and the worm.

Probably the only band I've heard that knows their sound, and shows it by keeping true to that while still applying it to different situational bits.

Its simply the best song I've have ever heard.
His rhythm, his droms, the words, the song,
In one word is the best in all.
Thanks for giving me a reason for playing drums

2 The Taste of Ink The Taste of Ink Cover Art

The Taste of Ink is definitely the best used song, it has awesome verses and an amazing chorus!
This is how the List should Be:
1. The taste of ink
2. All that I've got
3. The bird and the worm
4. Buried myself alive
5. I caught fire
6. On my own
7. Liar liar (burn in hell)
8. Pretty handsome awkward
9. Blue and yellow
10. Blood and my hands
And that's how the top ten songs by the used should be!

Out of the already top ten, and most of their songs, this is my favorite. The longing to get out of a close-minded town and get OUT there and see the world and DO something and being free! Born to Quit, Sold My Soul, Meant To Die, The Best Of Me, basically anything off of Artwork is my favorite!

This song is one of my person favorites, it talks about how Bert doesn't agree with the U.S. society. No wonder why he lives in Australia.

I bought the CD with my EX and once he put this song on it just sounded amazing. I love listening to it! Its one of the best songs I've heard in a long time

3 Pretty Handsome Awkward Pretty Handsome Awkward Cover Art

Probably my favorite song from The Used. It's extremely catchy and I'm glad YouTube put this into my recommended.

Lies for the Liars is my favorite album from The Used for this reason.

The first time I heard this song was in transformers as well! I've only just listened to the actual song but the second I heard it I knew it was the song from the bumblebee and barricade chase scene. This was my first the used song and its awesome

This should be higher up, in my opinion. It's so catchy and energizing and the raw emotional content of it is great.

First time I heard this song in Transformers. I love this song! The Used is the coolest Rock band ever!

4 A Box Full of Sharp Objects A Box Full of Sharp Objects Cover Art

Where is "Poetic Tragedy" on this list? I'm really doubting the credibility of this website are there any Legit Websites on the internet?

How could this song not make it to the top 10, It, s a screamo song by the Used and it's absolutely awesome.

A great screamo song

The lyrics are really something else, and that chaotic guitar just makes the song

5 Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow Cover Art

Simply a great song! Really says how you miss someone and how you would do anything to be with that special someone. One of their slowest songs, but also one of the best. This song is filled with themes and symbols, makes me tear up every time I listen to it.

This should be higher than this. The song is filled with sadness. I feel really sad just by listening to this song. It's the song for SADNESS and WEAKNESS caused by love.

Should be higher. Might be not an aggressive song, but it showed the high level skill for drummer. I always let my felling flowing while I am listening this Blue & Yellow

Definitely should be higher! Their best slow song off their older album. It's so captivating and catchy.

6 All That I've Got All That I've Got Cover Art

This song trumps all others! How is this not #1?
"I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not. I'm far from lonely and it's all that I've got. "
To me this song is saying he is okay, with pretending he isn't. "I'm far from lonely.. " meaning, he isn't lonely but it's all that he has, etc. Bad analysis, but whatever. This song should be #1!

Sorry but The Bird And Worm is nothing in comparison to this.. This song is just everything in life, everyone can relate to this.

I personally love this song. Listen carefully to the lyrics.

Listen to the lyrics

7 Liar Liar (Burn in Hell) Liar Liar (Burn in Hell) Cover Art

I love just screaming to this song. One of the best, In my opinion. Great lyrics. And great guitar. The Used

You will burn in hell they say, you will burn in hell!

8 Buried Myself Alive Buried Myself Alive Cover Art

I voted for All That I've Got but I would vote this song if I could pick 2!

One of the greatest songs of all time!

This should be first. Without a doubt.

My top songs would be buried myself alive, I caught fire, blue and yellow, take it away, taste of ink

9 Blood on My Hands Blood on My Hands Cover Art

This heavier song should be everyone's favorite.

10 I Caught Fire I Caught Fire Cover Art

This is a great song, I really adore the lyrics and the all out awesomeness of the song, it is one of my favorite songs by the used and I strongly recommend it for anyone who has not yet heard this amazing song.

I remember first listening to the song. I was in the 6th or 7th grade when I first listen to this and to this day its still one of my favorites

The song is very romantic but not overdone. 10/10 Perfect for young love.

Insane song. One of my favourites. I put this song up on a loop and write articles.

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? With Me Tonight With Me Tonight Cover Art
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11 Paralyzed Paralyzed Cover Art

This song is another one of my favorites from Lies for the Liars.

I really like the rhythm and melody in this one.

The most impressive and dynamic song!

12 Take It Away Take It Away Cover Art

This song is one of The Used best. So catchy and energizing. Take It Away should deferentially be higher on the list. (song this song while in the shower )

This song is what introduced me to this band when I was younger. Their best title and was amazing in a live show when they were touring on the Taste of Chaos tour every year :D

13 Empty with You Empty with You Cover Art
14 Men Are All the Same Men Are All the Same Cover Art
15 Choke Me Choke Me Cover Art

It's the hidden screamo bonus track on their 2002 album, and was re-released in 2008 on the Shallow Believer EP.

A hidden screamo song on the first album then later released on shallow believer, if you like the used you will love this song

16 I Come Alive I Come Alive Cover Art
17 On My Own On My Own Cover Art
18 Slit Your Own Throat Slit Your Own Throat Cover Art
19 Sold My Soul Sold My Soul Cover Art
20 I'm a Fake I'm a Fake Cover Art

I'm actually shocked that this is so far down the list, it is my absolute favourite song by the used.

Underrated, it's a great song.

Deeply relates to me so it's the best song by the best band in the world

21 Hospital Hospital Cover Art

Amazing song, simply amazing. I listen to it constantly. The tune is very catchy and I love the chorus. I can't stop listening to it.

22 Iddy Biddy Iddy Biddy Cover Art
23 Smother Me Smother Me Cover Art

This should be number 2 at least! The song is just so catchy and sad and it makes you want to sing along and cry. Love this song! But my favorite is Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)

This is by far their cutest song. It should definitely be in the top 5

This is an absolutely beautiful song.

Amazing, should be number one! X

24 Lunacy Fringe Lunacy Fringe Cover Art

So catchy. Easily one of the best.

25 Let It Bleed Let It Bleed Cover Art

Can't believe this is not on here already. It is hands down my favorite song by The Used. The first time I heard the part with those 16th and 32nd note rests I rewound that puppy about a half million times. It's was all done in post production I imagine but it's still bad as all unholy fudge.

Crazy this is not higher.

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