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41 Greener With the Scenery

It's so hard for me to pick my favorite The Used song... But this one is pretty close! I don't know why it's so low on the list!

Can't believe this song is so low at # 39! The Used has so many good songs, but this one should be in the top 10!

42 Maybe Memories

Their first song they ever wrote, and my favourite. TOP 20 MINIMUM

43 Listening
44 Find a Way

Easy listening. Must be top 10

Should be top 10

45 Evolution

Call me a traitor for changing my mind
Call me a criminal if thinking's a crime
Call me an animal, it's hard to define
Don't care what you say: I came to defy.
I've come so far

46 Revolution
47 Say Days Ago

Why is this song so low?

48 Make Believe
49 Poetic Tragedy

This should be in the top ten. The lyrics are so deep and Bert's voice is raw and rocking.

Still the best The Used song ever.

50 Light With a Sharpened Edge

How has nobody mentioned this song

51 Tunnel
52 Disaster
53 Now That You're Dead
54 Under Pressure
55 The Lonely
56 Moving On

Very positive song! This song is an inspiration to me!

57 Slit Your Own Throat
58 Getting Over You
59 Overdose

To get love you have got to give love

60 This Fire
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