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1 Glad You Came

WHAT!? Why is there no comments or anything on this wonderful list!? I think that The Wanted should be the next big boy band but it was rudely stolen by One Direction! 1D is good but they are no chance against these guys! Their songs are way better!

Awesome song.. The line, "Let's go somewhere no one else can see you and me" is just stuck in my mind. Best song by The Wanted! The Wanted ROCKS! - maadhavgupta

Love the song... Its just awesome... Video too is great...!

You can't you spell on me

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2 Warzone

Those haven't voted for the song have obviously not heard it... I can bet that this is the best song by The Wanted and it is obviously far better than Glad You Came. I'm listening to it right now and I I just can't get away with it!

Best of The Wanted..
Should be at the top.
The Wanted Rocks!

No words to write.
Got to hear it..
Listen it once...

Way better than glad you came

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3 Chasing the Sun

Fantastic song! Their new best song, better than Glad You Came! Amazing and hey deserve more recognition.

The Wanted rock! And this song id one of their best! No wonder it was the theme song of Ice Age 4!

This song is AMAZING. I'm gonna get it for my ringtone.

One of the best songs ever! Dunno why they disbanded they deserve a place higher than 1D!

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4 Lightning

The Wanted are legit one of the most amazing boy bands and I believe that this song should be on top. Well, this or chasing the sun. They're both pretty amazing...

Amazing song...
Got the best Chorus and music.
Listening' it once you will surely gonna vote it...
Best of The Wanted.
Please vote it...

Why no comments...
God knows.
Best of The Wanted..
Far better than Glad You Came.

This songs really amazing , u guys must listen lit 😍👈

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5 Heart Vacancy

Awesome song. Awesome lyrics and it is just filled with the awesomeness. The wanted rocks. It should not be here on the 8th position. I think people should vote for this one as it is the best by The Wanted according to me. It stands in respect with "GLAD YOU CAME" and "CHASING THE SUN"! One Direction are no chance against these guys! - maadhavgupta

Guess this is what my hearty was vacant for! The beats, the lyrics, their strong and absolutely amazing and charming vocals just blend in and give us the most beautiful song ever! It really made them my fave band (they share the position with 1d)

I love this song so much! The lyrics it's so touching! Amazing song! This should be number 1 for sure!

Nicest song ever, can't stop listening to it

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6 All Time Low All Time Low All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore, formed in 2003. The band currently consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Jack Barakat, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson. more.

This song actually hs meaning... That's what makes this sing really goo. I love the way the wanted expresses them selves. KEEP UP THE REALLY GOOD WORK!

All time low is one of their best song. Its even better than warzone.

This is like so far the BEST SONG I have ever heard. , I love you the wanted. Especially Nathan n Siva. Peace out.

Everyone thinks The Wanted came out after One Direction.
All Time Low came out in 2010 One Direction What Makes You Beautiful came out in 2011. One Direction had been singing on The X Factor when The Wanted started.

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7 Lie to Me

Best song BY FAR! The lyrics are do relatable

8 I Found You

I love this song it brings out their vocals

This song is the latest and the most catchy song, besides of Chasing The Sun.

This is certainly The Wanted's best composition. The first 2 minutes of this song has to be one of the best I've ever heard and I've heard a fair share of songs. Also the song suits the vocals of everyone, while Nathan and Siva are exceptional. Whoever has not heard this song, well you are missing a gem. In my opinion, I Found You is clearly their best song.

Love it much

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9 Walks Like Rihanna

Best song... I love the way he compares his gal

Amazing song!

Our hearts go boom boom!

Very good song. I love it

Such a great song!

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10 Gold Forever

My favorite song! The lyrics are just wonderful. It is an uplifting and meaningful song. It's been my favorite song for along time now.

THIS SONG IS AWESOME! I love the wanted and this song deserves to be more recodgnised... The lyrics are so meaningful and always remind me of all these memories in the past... I love it - and if you haven't heard it, you don't know what you're missing

Have you ever experienced something truly amazing and thought... 'this memory is gonna lat forever? ' Well, that's what this song is about!
This song deserves to be higher than 9th, it's a beautiful song and need to be more recognized. Listen to it and VOTE!

This song is so beautiful, an I'm listening to it right now.

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11 Invincible

Great song love it.. One of the best song ever heard

Come on guys listen this song.
I have listened their maximum songs but this is better then all.

Invincible is an amazing song.
Why the only votes are going to Glad You Came?
God knows.
But it is the best song of all.

Awesome song! Better than glad you came! <3 it

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12 Dagger

This song is my favourite because... well its just AMAZING! This song deserves more votes!

13 Let's Get Ugly

Amazing song, Superb beats

14 Turn It Off
15 Rocket

THIS SHOULD BE #1 It's lyrics are perfect (Just as every other song, they work perfectly) the song was born perfect. The tune and everything. If you haven't listened to it, do it, you are gonna love it. And if you do, you must listen to the other songs as well. Oh and you must also check their performances. (Their songs are 10x better live. )

Great.. Nice song.. Really like it at the first time hear this song

Really, this should be their #1 song, this song is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Glad you came but I still love GYC but its not as good as Rocket. With Nathan's solo, calming and slow music just makes this song tons of greatness. love them to bits and pieces

Even my mum loves this song. This deserves to be in top 5 at least.

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16 Drunk On Love

Its awesome.. The lyrics are mind blowing

This is honestly the best song after Glad you Came and Warzone! - pradyotpandey

17 Lose My Mind

Absolutely incredible, harmonious chorus with wonderful intention and expression!

The song is so good!

Great song, I just love it so much! One of my favorites

This song is amazing...
Loved the lyrics n the way they expressed themselves.
I don't know why I didn't like this song before, I guess because of my obsession with warzone...
But now when I am hearing this, I am like what I was doing before, because of poor rating I didn't care about it.
This song really deserves to be ranked higher.
So please listen this song n vote... - BiswasBijoy

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18 We Own the Night

This is the best song love it! So much better than one direction the wanted should be that #1 boy band I love them so much!

When I hear that song at my home, I feel like I'm at the party.this song is youthful

Awesome, one of their best song. I love it.

"May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight may we sing and dance till we lose our minds we are only young if we seize the night tonight we own the night" Its really a great reff 😙

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19 Replace Your Heart

Very touching song... Wonderful blend of beats and awesome singing... And nathan has an amazing voice also max...

Love it lot!
I love this song to

20 Show Me Love

22! Honestly? This one deserves to be at 1 without a question! Every time I hear this song, my heart's filled with emotions and I think of all the things that could have been.

One of the BEST songs I've heard in my life, you can see the professionalism and the quality is so on point, the violins, perfection. Number 1 for me.

Why 22 when this song should be number 1 if you haven't voted for this song you never in your life had heard this song

Only 1% of people voted this...
I guess they haven't heard this song...
Any way the band should stop the hiatus from music, and come back together and start making music... - BiswasBijoy

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21 A Good Day for Love to Die
22 Last to Know

This song makes me cry so much when I listen to it because the lyrics are meaningful that they care about you even if they don't show it. and wonder why it's #19?

This song are good I love max and tom

Best song for when you're sad

I love this song so much
The lyrics are captivating
"With or without me
You should be happy"

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23 I'll Be Your Strength

This song is amazing and perfect, listened to it all the time while nathan had his op

I'm surprised this isn't at the top... I mean this song is so touching..

Heart touching... And beautiful... Nathan 's voice.. Wow

Beautiful song!
Nathan's voice is as always

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24 I Want It All

So much meaning behind the lyrics! And it's always awesome to hear siva sing... He sounds amazing in this song!

25 Say In On the Radio

It's just an energetic songs especially when they sing it live. Oh god, I'm dead!

Just an amazing song with great singing and beat.

Very best from one of the very best

26 Running Out of Reasons

Love this song! Great job on the new album! This song should definitely make #1

Why is this song #26? This should be on the top tens as this song was VERY nicely made. I love their choir, it just makes this song 100x better.

27 Could This Be Love

This song is perfect and so catchy!

28 Demons

Simply amazing! Great lyrics and power in the sound!
I don't think a lot of people has voted lately because none of the songs from Word Of Mouth has gotten a very high ranking.
Anyway, almost impossible to choose one but it had to be done

29 In the Middle
30 Golden

Such a true and meaningful song that deserves to be in the top ten. It's a truly great song.

31 Mad Man

33rd? It really should be 1st or 2nd!

32 Love Sewn

How is this song #39 I mean THIS is the greatest music ever. so slow and have meaningful lyrics behind it. great melody too. Love this song to bits. this song is even better than Glad You Came.

Love this song so much!

Great song frem a great album, deserves to go on top 5 at least.

33 Glow In the Dark

I just love this song very much

Very good song

34 Behind Bars
35 Read My Mind

Such a great song to listen to. If you haven't listened to it yet... Go do it... NOW! Laugh out loud.

36 Everybody Knows

I love this song to be honest really underrated. - JavierRocks

Such a meaningful song! Makes u wanna cry! And Nathan's vicals are truly amazing! Gotta love that guy!

37 Weakness
38 The Way I Feel

Incredibly underrated but a very great song. One of their best songs, deserves more attention!

39 Iris
40 Demon
41 Summer Alive

This song is seriously amazing! Best party song ever! Makes me wanna dance every time the chorus comes on

42 The Weekend

Good song I like it

43 Satellite

This is definitely one of there greatest songs, I love it!

44 Heartbreak Story

This is one of the best songs ever how is it 38?!

45 Hi & Low
46 Personal Soldier

Beautiful song...every girl needs a personal soldier like the one in the song!

47 Made
48 Rock Your Body
49 Where I Belong
50 If We're Alright
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