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21 A Good Day for Love to Die
22 Last to Know

This song makes me cry so much when I listen to it because the lyrics are meaningful that they care about you even if they don't show it. and wonder why it's #19?

This song are good I love max and tom

I love this song so much
The lyrics are captivating
"With or without me
You should be happy"

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23 I'll Be Your Strength

This song is amazing and perfect, listened to it all the time while nathan had his op

I'm surprised this isn't at the top... I mean this song is so touching..

I absolutely love this song! It has helped me get through so much!

Heart touching... And beautiful... Nathan 's voice.. Wow

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24 I Want It All

So much meaning behind the lyrics! And it's always awesome to hear siva sing... He sounds amazing in this song!

25 Say In On the Radio

It's just an energetic songs especially when they sing it live. Oh god, I'm dead!

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26 Running Out of Reasons Running Out of Reasons

Love this song! Great job on the new album! This song should definitely make #1

Why is this song #26? This should be on the top tens as this song was VERY nicely made. I love their choir, it just makes this song 100x better.

27 Could This Be Love Could This Be Love

This song is perfect and so catchy!

28 Demons Demons

Simply amazing! Great lyrics and power in the sound!
I don't think a lot of people has voted lately because none of the songs from Word Of Mouth has gotten a very high ranking.
Anyway, almost impossible to choose one but it had to be done

29 Golden

Such a true and meaningful song that deserves to be in the top ten. It's a truly great song.

30 Mad Man
31 In the Middle In the Middle
32 Love Sewn Love Sewn

How is this song #39 I mean THIS is the greatest music ever. so slow and have meaningful lyrics behind it. great melody too. Love this song to bits. this song is even better than Glad You Came.

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33 Behind Bars
34 Read My Mind

Such a great song to listen to. If you haven't listened to it yet... Go do it... NOW! Laugh out loud.

35 Glow In the Dark Glow In the Dark

I just love this song very much

Very good song

36 Weakness
37 The Way I Feel

Incredibly underrated but a very great song. One of their best songs, deserves more attention!

38 Iris
39 Demon Demon
40 Heartbreak Story Heartbreak Story

This is one of the best songs ever how is it 38?!

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