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61 Drayton Manor
62 Idlewild
63 Seabreeze, New York

I love seabreeze it is so awesome. Just saying there is a water park and roller coaster type things.

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64 Mirabilandia, Italy
65 Adlabs Imagica
66 LegoLand Orlando
67 Phantasialand, Germany

Very underrated. The whole park is themed to perfection with insane amounts of detail. It covers a tiny area but there is a sense of escapism and you don't want to be anywhere else when you are there. Fantastic place. I recommend to both thrill seekers and families.

68 Disney World
69 Island of Adventure Orlando

Love this park but isn't it already on the list?

70 Discovery Cove
71 Blizzard Beach

What? this is awesome, that park has the worlds highest water slide in America, and I tried it just 48 inches then you'd enjoy it. Kids love the slides better than typhoon lagoon.

72 Typhoon Lagoon
73 Schlitterbahn South Padre
74 Lake Winnepesaukah, Georgia
75 Lightwater Valley
76 Conneaut Lake Park
77 Fantasy Island
78 Great Escape
79 Darien Lake
80 Movie Park, Germany

I went here with my cousins, its HUGE! There's loads of awesome rides and its set out well.It has a Nickelodeon land for the little'uns too. My favorite ride is bandit. It is seriously fast going at 80 km/h. Its gotta wild west theme too which I love. One thing to be cautious of: there's a lot of wasps so don't wear yellow!

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