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1 I Am

This song is a journey through emotions, from joy to melancholy. This song can encourage as much as it can make cry.

Such truth! Such powerful music! What a way to honour God through praising who He is with such amazing and appropriate music

An amazing epic; must be listened to over and over!

Epic! Song and lyrics!

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2 Mirror of Souls

Makes me feel so much emotion every single time I hear it, truly one of their best songs.

The best song to ever come out of Christian Metal

Best Christian song ever

3 Laying the Demon to Rest
4 As the World Bleeds

This song is amazing I don't Know why it isn't on the list it should be up there behind I am and Mirror of Souls - germshep24

This song should be around the fifth place of the top. Listen to it and you will understand.

5 On Eagles' Wings

Great song. This song is for honour, for glory and I feel that I could fly when I listen to this song. KEEP UP the good work THEOCRACY


6 Sinner
7 Martyr
8 30 Pieces of Silver
9 The Master Storyteller
10 Nailed

The Contenders

11 Theocracy Theocracy Theocracy is a Christian progressive power metal band founded in 2002 by Matt Smith of Athens, Georgia.
12 Wages of Sin
13 Absolution Day
14 Hide in the Fairytale

This song should be higher. If you don't listen to me then listen to this song, you will love it. Come on people vote on this.

Amazingg song

15 The Healing Hand
16 Easter
17 Paper Tiger
18 The Gift of Music
19 Castaway
20 Around the World and Back

Really like this one

21 Bethlehem
22 The Gregarious Raconteur
23 Mirror of Souls - Theocracy
24 Altar to the Unknown God
25 Drown
26 I'm in a Cage
27 Ghost Ship
28 Wishing Well
29 Stir the Embers
30 A Call to Arms
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