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1 Music

Lists of songs, albums, artists, lyrics, genres, and instruments. - booklover1

2 Sports

Lists of sports, teams, and athletes. - booklover1

3 General Chat

A place for posts that don't fit nicely under any other category. - booklover1

4 General

A place to talk about TheTopTens on a site wide level - booklover1

5 Television

Lists of shows, channels, actors, characters, and quotes. - booklover1

6 Computers / Internet

Lists of computer brands, computer software, websites, and online activities. - booklover1

7 Movies

Lists involving individual movies as well as genres, series, actors, directors, scenes, quotes, etc. - booklover1

8 Games

Lists of video games for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC as well as board games, card games, and more. - booklover1

9 Foods

Lists of types of foods, categories of food, drinks, and restaurants. - booklover1

10 Suggestions & Feedback

Tell them what you like, dislike, or think they should do differently - booklover1

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