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The Top Ten

1 isabelmonteith's list of Best Singers of All Time
2 DCfnaf's list of Best Songs of All Time

Really? I'm Top 3 worthy? Thanks! I still need to finish this remix though so it's probably not my best one. In fact, my Top Ten Mario Characters list is much better honestly. - DCfnaf

3 EvilAngel's list of Best Easter Egg Songs In Call of Duty Zombies
4 isabelmonteith's list of Best Male Singers
5 MatrixGuy's list of The Top Ten Songs By Oasis
6 htoutlaws2012's list of Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time
7 Steamworks's list of Best Rappers of All Time
8 Alpha101's Best Presidents of the United States
9 zxm's list of Best Guitar Techniques
10 booklover1's list of Top Ten Greatest Sports

The Contenders

11 NuMetalManiak's list of Top Ten Most Annoying Types of People
12 UltimateHybridX's list of Best Albums of All Time
13 Swellow's list of Worst Songs of All Time
14 lukestheman4's list of Best Cartoon Network Shows
15 ModernSpongebobSucks's list of Top 10 TV Shows that Need to Return in 2017

One of my remixes? On this list? Why, I'm quite obliged to have such an honor! I thank the person who submitted this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I disagree with this item. - Puga

16 lukestheman4's list of Worst Songs of All Time
17 Puga's list of Top 10 Users of TheTopTens

Awesome remix. Very elite. - DCfnaf

18 booklover1's list of Top 10 Users of TheTopTens
19 jimocracy's list of Best Metal Bands of All Time
20 booklover1's list of Best Michael Jackson Songs
21 Zep's list of Top Ten Best Rock Singers

Saw this remix. Absolutely no effort put into it and it is incomplete. - DCfnaf

Which is why this list could use a little improvement since it is 6 years old. - htoutlaws2012

22 Skullkid755's list of Top 10 Worst Types of Commercials
23 Puga's list of Worst Countries
24 ProPanda's Worst 2016 U.S Presidential Candidates

Don't mean to brag, but if I do say so myself... - ProPanda

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