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They Might Be Giants (a.k.a TMBG) is an alternative rock band that has been together since 1982 (30 years as of 2012), and are one of the most prolific bands of all-time in recordings (over 500 original songs). For first decade of its existence, the band was only composed of two members: John Flansburgh on guitar and John Linnell on accordion or saxophone (accompanied only by a drum machine). A full ensemble was formed after the release of Apollo 18, their forth studio album.

Perhaps their most popular song is "Boss of Me," their Grammy Award-winning song that is best known for serving as the theme song for the successful sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle."

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1 Birdhouse in Your Soul

Very catchy very creative. It takes a great musician and lyricist to be able to create a song in the perspective of something as unusual as a nightlite - queen11

This is one of the best rock/alternative rock songs in the world, and defintly the best TMBG song.

2 Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Excellent remake from a big band hit from the 40s. This is the version from Flood, not Severe Tire Damage. - queen11

Anyone who doesn't love this song, hasn't hear it. It so catchy, you'll be listening to it all day!

This is an awful song and the actual name of the City is CONSTANTINOPLE jerks do you know what istabul means it means to the City a alternate name of CONSTANTINOPLE

This is one of my favorite and one of the greatest songs ever. It is the band's best song, and is so great.
1. Istanbul
2. Whistling in the Dark
3. Birdhouse in Your Soul

3 Don't Let's Start

One of the catchiest, most upbeat and cheerful-sounding songs I've ever heard, just makes me smile

4 Doctor Worm

Dr Worrmm yyyeess me big fan doh

5 Ana Ng
6 Where Your Eyes Don't Go
7 Can't Keep Johnny Down
8 Boss of Me
9 Purple Toupee
10 Particle Man

Catchy, philosophical, and above all, funny. There is so little sense of humor in pop. This is refreshingly different.

The Contenders

11 Dinner Bell
12 You're on Fire
13 James K. Polk
14 The Guitar
15 Dead
16 Man, It's So Loud in Here
17 The End of the Tour
18 Statue Got Me High
19 Why Does the Sun Shine?
20 Pencil Rain
21 The Mesopotamians
22 Fingertips
23 I Should Be Allowed to Think
24 Hopeless Bleak Despair
25 Metal Detector

By my opinion the best tmbg song, but one of the best songs of all time... After 'American pie' of course.

26 Call You Mom
27 Everything Right is Wrong Again
28 Subliminal
29 (She Was A) Hotel Detective
30 They'll Need a Crane
31 No One Knows My Plan
32 Twisting
33 Erase
34 Lost My Mind
35 She's an Angel
36 Older
37 Spider
38 Your Racist Friend
39 Sleeping In the Flowers
40 Hovering Sombrero
41 Experimental Film

Homestar Runner.

42 See the Constellation

Quite underrated - MaxStickies

43 Instanbul
44 Snail Shell
45 They Might Be Giants
46 Rhythm Section Want Ad

Lovely accordion bridge by JL.

47 I Palindrome I
48 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
49 Santa's Beard
50 Spiraling Shape
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1. Birdhouse in Your Soul
2. Doctor Worm
3. Ana Ng
1. Doctor Worm
2. James K. Polk
3. The End of the Tour
1. You're on Fire
2. Where Your Eyes Don't Go
3. Dead

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