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Thunder & Lightning

I had this album back in the day and LOVED IT. Fans of their earlier work may not have liked it as much but for me in the 80's this album crushed it. So much heavier than what came before. Awesome guitar riffs pared with Lynotts growl. Their best album in my opinion. Should be in the top 1 or 2 spot.

Confirmed the boys as one of the founders of heavier metal and another style change that should have been bui upon.

Heavy Metal

Black Rose: A Rock Legend

Peak! Maybe not best album, it is Jailbreak, but best songs. In Got to give it up, Lynnot is forseeing his destiny.

Johnny the Fox
Bad Reputation

Great album

Great album.not a single filler on here


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Vagabonds of the Western World

Night Life is a unique album that has its special place in Thin Lizzy's eclectic catalogue. It is a bit of a departure from their typical stuff but to me that makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to. This album has a little bit of everything. From the hard rocking "It's Only Money" and "Sha La La" to the bluesy "Still In Love With You". The latter of which featuring Gary Moore on guitar. "Banshee" is a lovely little instrumental that segues into "Philomena". Phillip wrote the latter about his mother and it seems appropriate that it has an unmistakably Irish flair to it. The title track is a jazzy / bluesy track that meshes well with the rest of the album. "Showdown" and "Dear Heart" demonstrate Thin Lizzy's mellower laid back side. The piano driven "Frankie Carroll" is a short little tune that likens itself to a ballad. Undoubtedly the highlight of the album is "She Knows". It is a beautiful song that showcases not only the musical abilities of each member but Phil Lynott's ...more

To me this is the most all round album that captures everything which made Thin Lizzy so unique and uncomparable with any other band. This album you can enjoy anywhere on earth, and also be enjoyed by anyone on earth; enjoy it in your bed room as you are lying and drifting away on your bed or enjoy it in your car as you are driving along the hi way - loved by your grannies as well as loved by your children - laugh, cry and feel a little of this earth, and never too much; specially with the tribute song he made to his mother 'Philomena' - just pure love, just pure pefection, that is what made Thin Lizzy what they are, the best rock band ever!

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Live and Dangerous

It says best album, not best studio album! One of the best live albums of all time, even with the controversies behind it, just listen to 'still dangerous' and appreciate how good Lizzy were live!

Shades of a Blue Orphanage
Thin Lizzy
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