Top Ten Best Things About a Top Ten List On TheTopTens

What do you find best about either making or looking at a top ten list?

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1 Voting

The frustration to see a selection you deemed unfavorable to be near the top of the list can be eased by voting a selection which you think is more favorable.

The actually point of this awesome website. - booklover1

Voting isn't as effective as commenting and remixing, though.

Not that a vote does much, but it can voice your opinion. - dureckl

2 Finding Out About People's Opinion

You can see if people agree with you or not. - booklover1

3 Creating a List

Definitely a hobby - and and an addiction, but one I'm happy not to go to rehab over. - Britgirl

Putting up a list you want other people to see. - booklover1

I love this. It is truly a hobby. - PositronWildhawk

Check out the list: Most embarassing ways to die

4 Commenting

Explaining your opinion to other users is always fun. - booklover1

This is my Favourite part sharing my opinion in comment form but where others have already Commented so I will get noticed! - Curti2594

It's very cool because anyone can express their opinions by commenting!

5 Blogging About the List

Explaining your opinion in a longer version of commenting. - booklover1

6 Remixing a List

If a list is in an utterly stupid order, you can change that - PositronWildhawk

7 Having a Top Ten Best Things About a Top Ten List On TheTopTens That Doesn't Even Have Ten Things Listed
8 The Top Ten List of the TheTopTens Top Ten Lists
9 Reading People's Ignorant Comments

Admit it. You laugh when voters vote for Justin Bieber in the "Best Singers List" and say that he's the King of Pop.

Yes, OK, I admit it. I LOVE READING PEOPLE'S IGNORANT COMMENTS. Satisfied now? - Britgirl

10 Discovering New Items

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