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Amazon offers a lot of things you can't find elsewhere. Especially movies and music.

2 Amazon Prime

I love Amazon Prime because of the free shipping and all the movies and shows you can watch, but here's the thing: they want to make you buy stuff even though you already purchased Prime, like if you want to watch a show that isn't free. It's unfair. - Miauzer

You pay 75 or 80 bucks, and you get free 2 day shipping on all of your orders for the next 12 months!

3 Prices

Amazon's prices aren't always lowest, but sometimes they really kill the competition's prices.

4 Video On Demand

When you buy a movie, a lot of them come in an on demand form too, allowing you to watch your movie before it gets shipped to you.

5 Movies

They have a great selection of movies, great for buying those cult classics, or movies that have been out for a really long time.

6 Music

So much music, so cheap, and you can download it straight to your itunes! No more paying $1. 29 on itunes anymore!

7 Kindle

What a great e-reader! So many books available, and so easy to access! The prices are also much less that buying a book, making it easier on your wallet, too.

8 Digital Downloads

With how much we are on our electronic devices, Amazon has you covered for all your downloadable needs.

9 Camera Equipment

One of the best places to buy good cameras and accessories. They will have what a lot of other retailers don't.

10 Returns Are Easy

If you end up needing to return something, it's easy! So nice when returning things can get so ugly

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12 Tax Free
13 Lots of Choices
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