Ten Best Things About Being Female

After reading a list of Worst Things About Being A Woman I decided to make this one. Being a woman is really quite nice.

The Top Ten

1 Men Want to Protect You

Wow... There is something on this list that makes me love you even more! - keyson

Even my younger brother feels the need to protect me. Men who want to protect you is a wonderful feeling. - Britgirl

2 Wearing Feminine Clothes

At work I have to wear a suit and I don't feel feminine. Weekends and warm sunny days I get to wear a dress and feel very every bit female. - Britgirl

I hate feminine things so this feature is useless I guess - FireWasp2004

3 More Hairstyle Varieties
4 Being Able To Cry Freely

This one kinda makes me as a Guy feel Jealous. If men cry we are looked at as Weak & Sensitive. I hate that Because sometimes Men could use good Cry but no if we cry it's frowned upon! - Curti2594

I honestly feel embarrassed when crying. I remember crying when my finger got squeezed by a door when I was 11. I still feel embarrassed of it - FireWasp2004

It's sad that men feel they can only cry in private. - Britgirl

5 Kissing and Linking Arms With Your Girlfriend Without Being Frowned Upon

My girlfriends and I often kiss in public. If men were to do this it would be frowned upon. - Britgirl

6 The Wedding Dress

I have the perfect dress in mind. Like many a female before me. - Britgirl

7 Being Pregnant

I've never been pregnant but I should imagine it's a magical time - despite the sickness, weight gain, swollen ankles, tiredness... - Britgirl

Pregnancy seems to be the worst thing about being a girl. Heck, I even had some truly terrifying nightnares involving it - FireWasp2004

8 Giving Birth

Yes, it's painful but the reward would be worth it. - Britgirl

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9 Being Girly

I love being girly and giggly. I love being a woman! - Britgirl

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10 All the Double Standards

I honestly disagree with this double standards thing. It's just unfair - FireWasp2004

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11 Being Sexy
12 Twerking
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