Best Things About Cats

if you do not know why cats are great pets, you have to read this list.

The Top Ten Best Things About Cats

1 they're so cute

I think that all cats are cute, including the hairless cats, simply because of their sweet personalities and their faces. You just want to squeal with delight. This is why I am obsessed with cats. In fact my sister and I have a cat each of our own. - Murvine_Taylor

No, they aren't. They are so ugly. I can't believe people love these disgusting creatures. Dogs are so much better. Never adopt a kitten. Ever!

And I can't believe you hate these amazing creatures. By the way, I love cats and dogs.

Cats are so kawaii ^W^ - 05yusuf09

2 Fur
3 they are potty trained
4 they don't make loud noises

My cats can be quite loud, but I don't mind it, I actually really like their sweet meows! - WeezaPeeza

Yeah. Cats are usually calm and quiet (not if you disturb them though) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Unlike dogs. So damn annoying

5 Agility
6 Attitude
7 they love to lay on your lap

Haha, yes! My cat is curled up with me right now, as well. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

YES! my cats can lay on my lap, but DEFIDENTILY not my 80 lb. dog! [although he HAS tried lol]

8 Color/pattern

I must agree. They have very nice patterns, but even nicer colours! - Blight

9 they give you nose kisses

My cat, and a lot of cats that I meet do this. It is so sweet. - Murvine_Taylor

Awww, cute! I mean, a Dog will lick you all over, which is cuter in my opinion, but still, cute! - Blight

10 Ninja-like stealth

That's what makes cats cool - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

The Contenders

11 they purr
12 Low maintenance
13 their paws feel good when they walk on your body
14 Independent
15 they play with anything, like feathers.

A Dog will play with even more than a Cat will. - Blight

16 they are so soft and fuzzy
17 they groom themselves
18 Fun to play with

Dogs too - Blight

19 Smart
20 they are calm

Dogs are always just ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE.. - Celestius

21 you dont have to walk them

That's the only reason to prefer a cat to a dog ;)

22 Lazy

That's not a good thing. - Blight

23 Comforting
24 they scare away mice and rats

That's the only reason that, long ago, Cats began being pets. Cats are not really Domesticated. - Blight

25 they will sit on your lap
26 Eyes
27 Powerful
28 they are friendly

Apart from the agressive ones

29 Their meow sounds adorable

My cat has such a precious meow. I also love how some cats meow to you when you say something to them. - Murvine_Taylor

30 Aren't loud
31 They love you back
32 people with autism and Aspergers can relate to them
33 Meowing
34 Internet memes
35 they can be funny

My cousin's cat is HILARIOUS! She always makes me laugh, even when I'm sad.

36 Can fall from high distances and be unharmed
37 They're well meaning when it comes to their owners

A lot of cats when catching & killing mice, bring their kill home to their owners, not understanding that humans wouldn't want the catch. However, it shows how much the cat loves their owners that they think about them, when they do this. - clusium

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