Best Things About God

The Top Ten Best Things About God

1 God is omnipitent, omniscient, and omnipresent

Omnipitent means all powerful, omniscient means all knowing, and omnipresent means everywhere at once. God is all of these. - Godisawesome1

This list should be moved from the "Miscellaneous" category, to the "religion" category.

2 God created the Universe

That's very true, GIA (GodIsAwesome)! The whole thing was made by God...
God bless! - HezarioSeth

3 God created Mankind

He gave man's first breath. - Godisawesome1

4 God was loving enough to give His only Son

God is the best thing ever, he is the most righteous thing ever to exist he is very smart and I love God because he is one of the best things ever, along with the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

5 God will answer your prayers

Thanks god! you're my salvation.

God is the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe.
He definitely hears every being on earth

6 God will forgive your sins
7 God Is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

And yet, He Is One True God. The Beginning and the End. The Alpha and the Omega.

He Is Wonderful. Amen.

8 God is just an illusion made by man

Yep all religions are...ok now I have epilepsy and I had a seizure that made me go unconscious black out and it made me realise that there probably is no afterlife...well obviously I hadn't died because I have just typed this but it made me think.

Who wrote this junk

This one really threw me for a second - Cheese567

Haha, good one.

9 God gave us His Word (The Bible)
10 God created Heaven

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11 God and Jesus will defeat Satan

Of course THEY WILL!, God is amazing, His love for everone gives him power, and there's love everywhere, They defeated Satan before and they can defeate them again - SmoothCriminal

12 God is everything good and nothing evil
13 He loves us more than anyone else

You can say that again! - HezarioSeth

14 God is One
15 He sent his son to die for us

If he didn't do this, we would allgo to the underworld. Now that he has, we can go to heaven! I am forever gratefull! - Alpha101

16 He gives us challenges so that we can learn
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