Best Things About Halloween

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1 Trick-or-Treating

Who wouldn't want to? Free candy! Some karens might say your too old... so ding dong ditch them and go to house two!

What Halloween without it? I mean you get free candy! Who doesn't like that?

It was hard to do this in Australia because of Daylight Savings.

Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Give me something good to eat

2 Eating Candy

Get a backup costume for the houses with king sized candy!

I like candies, chocolate bars and chips.

Try to get the most candy as possible

This should be number one like duh

3 Decorating the House

I love the houses when its halloween should be number1

I love making the garden and front door look spooky.

I also like to decorate my computer area


4 Going to Haunted Houses

this, the ghost stories, and the synthetic blood items are the only three here that are actually something I would enjoy doing. unless the 'haunted house's is fake and is just for publicity, in which case I shall scorn it and the people who own it.

I went to one with my friends. It was kinda lame so we ditched it and went to McDonalds lol

And scaring people in them!

Trying to get scared

5 Watching Scary Movies

Ya get out Halloween (1978), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and a bunch of the other classics that scared you back then!

Well, you can just watch horror movies any day of the year, but on Halloween, it's the best!

Scary movies are the best!

Now, this option I like!

6 Dressing Up

I think this should be closer too the top. The first thing I want to know about Halloween is what my costume is!

You get to be something else. And in my case, something scary

Dressing up is fun and I love it.

I was a furry for Halloween

7 Going to Parties

I went to a Halloween disco this year. Awesome.

8 Carving Jack-O'-Lanterns

My favourite! I love it

Always a good time

9 Making Costumes

Making Costumes is so much fun! You can just do whatever you want to!

10 Ding Dong Ditching

Especially with a ghillie suit! I ding dong ditch all year.

Do it all the time on Halloween at midnight

The Contenders
11 Drinking Synthetic Blood

Taking a drink of blood would be super scary, which is the whole point of Halloween, we want to make it as scary as possible, yet the blood being taken is synthetic, it's red food coloring.

For a second it thought that people on the top tens were crazy but then I saw "synthetic".

12 Scaring Little Kids
13 Jump-Scaring People
14 Answering the Door
15 Playing Pranks
16 Haunted Hay Rides

Never been on one

17 Wearing Sexy Costumes

Well that's one way to describe a costume...

I hate sexy costumes

I'm a girl and these types of costumes are TERRIBLE EW

18 Getting Scared

The whole point on halloween ~ Userguy44

19 Buying Pumpkins
20 Making Candy

This is nice to see others hard work

21 Knocking on Doors
22 Using Ouija Board

I’ve used a homemade one once...

23 After-Halloween Candy Sales

Come on now. Cheap candy.

Also he’ll yeah

24 Being Obnoxious
25 Cheesy Hand Outs

I wouldn't hand out the cheese... I'd eat it - jmepa1234

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