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1 His Singing

He sounds like he's strangling a cat. He has the worst voice in history:).

This list is dumb. He is not a good singer.

In baby he sounds like a 6 year old CHILD and in his latest he sounds like a "Hot" NOT ugly sounding MONSTER with the 6 year old.

You guys know that just because you hate someone doesn't mean they're bad singers, right? Like seriously, GROW UP. He is a GOOD singer, much better than lots of other male singers.

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2 His Hair

His hair is ugly and his music sounds like crap.

Who cares about his dumb hair!? He called one of his fans a beached whale, is racist, punched a kid, and egged a neighbors house! Why do you care about his hair!?

His Hair Is Just The Same As Other People What Makes Him Stand Out? - RockStarr

Fab hair

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3 He Got Arrested

This is the only one that is actually good.

The only good thing about this brat!

Excellent job Justin Bieber! You have lost about hmm...60 percent of your fans. And because of your stupid racist jokes. You disgust me.


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4 He's Nice

I am sorry to say but he is a total moron - michaelwalton

Name me one way how he's nice. Do nice people get arrested. Of course not. He's not nice, he sings terrible, etc...

So spitting on fans is considered nice?

He's done bad stuff but he seems like a pretty neat guy

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5 He Admits His Mistakes

He has admitted and apologized for many of his mistakes. Being as big of a star that he is, that takes a lot of guts. I admire him for this, and many other things that he has done. Not only does he own up to his mistakes, he actually goes through with it and doesn't make them again. He sets a good example, and I'm proud of him. If you think I'm crazy, I'm not stopping you, but if you go ahead and do research on it, you'll see that I'm right. He also dedicates his time to giving back. If this isn't a role model, I don't know what could be.

He actually does whether u believe it or not and if you don't than U got no reason to say something because obviously You don't know anything about him and you need to stop criticing him because of his mistakes everyone makes mistakes no ones perfect and if u think u r or someone else is than U R TOTALLY WRONG

Watch Bart Baker's parody to "Sorry"

Really, though, is it too late now to say sorry?

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6 Baby Is the Best Song

Correction:Baby is the worst song - MLPFan

It's the worst song, the best song is Here Comes The Sun and it will always be!


More like the worst song- AnimeDrawer85

7 His Clothes

He sags his pants & thinks its cool

He sags his pants because he can't reach the bathroom in time - TwilightKitsune

I had someone at my school sag my pants before. Ugh...!

His clothes r cool

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8 His Shoes

Haha his shoes are the ONLY good thing about him!
No really... I don't understand what all the girls like about him
He sings like a baby

I dislike his songs and him in general, but he really has some awesome shoes!

Cool shoes he always wear cool 1s

His shoes are pile of poop, ugly, trash and full of pee - BorisRule

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9 His Eyes

I have no idea why this list exists. It is so dumb.

Why does this list even exist? - RockFashionista

His brown eyes r so catching

This list contains nothing good about justin.
This list is trash not real..
This list is fake someone change it dude.

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10 He Brings His Fans on Stage

I think that's so cute

I love Justin very very much and he brings his fans on stage and also give them surprise and his many other habbits are loved by me...

What fans?


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11 His Smile

You should read the legend of the clown of 'Death or Happy Smile'. I hope the clown finds Justin Beiber and gives him the happy smile - TwilightKitsune

His smile gives me life it's the oxygen in order for me to breathe, when he smiles it makes me smile and it makes me happy when he isn't smiling I don't smile I'm weak. - Cristalbieber

"That's the part you have to worry about! " - copper 1981 - NoOreoForU

its nice

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12 He Doesn't Twerk



Not yet..

13 His Abs

This is so stupid! I hate Justin Bieber - Jake09

God I hate this human or alien or whatever he is

You guys, stop being so mean to him, if you don't like him then keep it to yourself. Don't be going on the internet giving him death threats and making fun of him. He is human and has emotions and I bet if he read this he would be very upset.

His not even having muscles! - SwampertBABY

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14 He has a lot of fan girls

How are the fangirls' prissy love of Justin Bieber good?! >:(

15 How He Sags

I agree with the person who asked how is sagging pants cool. Seriously, what's wrong with people these days?!

How is this cool? This list is really stupid.

It's cute I was proud when he pulled his trousers up for the believe premiere though

He doesn't what the true meaning of leaving his pants down. - ParkerFang

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16 He Has An Amazing Voice

Perfect lie

17 He's a Singer

One of the best

18 The Way He Talks

W T F?! None of this is cool! He isn't good at anything! And hit that dislike thumb all you want! But I know Freddie Mercury will always be better than this turd!

All the things I hear out of that young man's mouth is retarded and irrelevant. I do not even see the point of this list. Makes me lose all faith in this person and in humanity. Good day.

Yeah! Calling the Beatles a crap band! Congratulations! You have ruined your reputation among 20% of the world's population!

Yeah his talking to great

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19 He's Hot


And he burns my eyes! - Neonco31

Before not now

Please stop being rude ok. He's a great person, respect him! If you don't like him, then 🤐🤐

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20 He Sings Good Songs


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