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21 His Lips

I wanna kiss him

I don't want to kiss him, or do mouth-to-mouth with him.

The most disgusting thing ever - MLPFan


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22 He Hasn't Killed or Harmed Anyone

Dude, he got arrested for reckless driving.


23 His Swag

Actually it's not his swag. It's that he has swag, and you have swag only when you're confident. And I don't think that it's easy for him to, cause there's all this pressure he has to deal with and so much hate, and all that when he does something wrong he ALWAYS gets really bad comments, like this people that are commenting has never had done something wrong too. Don't you think it's time to admit that it's pretty hard but he's doing good by keeping being Him and have this amazing swag that none of the people I know can have even if the don't have to deal with all these things I said before. Just saying my opinion. Nothing more nothing less.

SWAG means Secretly We Are Gay. Seriously, look it up - TwilightKitsune

Swag. That's one stupid word and he's Something Weird Ancients Got.

He has 100 percent swag that's what makes him cuter

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24 His Teeth

Seriously? Why do you think they call him Justin Beaver? And guess what? Freddie Mercury may have 4 extra teeth, but he still has a better set of teeth than this thing

Another good reason to call him Justin beaver

Lol. More like Justin Beaver.

25 He Is a Bad Boy

This is so untrue made me laugh. Because he was famous at a young age, he became a spoiled, entitled brat, and he still is. All he says is a cuss word now and then.

He is. I swear!

But this isn't good in any way.

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27 He Is a Better Rapper Than Lupe Fiasco and J. Cole

That is the only good thing I can find about him. - SelfDestruct

28 He's Canadian

Isn't he a disgrace to Canadians?

Whoever put this on here is racist, but in a better way.

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29 He Rocks

This is not true.

He sucks - Neonco31

30 He Sings Perfectly

His voice sounds like a horse choking on a chicken leg, and is about to die!

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31 He Wears Funky Clothes
32 His Songs

God! He's so annoying, he sings like a 8 year old girl shrieking - Dead-Beat

He has songs? All I can hear is nails on a chalkboard with a different frequency!

Even I (a 9 year old girl,when I wrote this)can sing lower than this six year old boy sounding idiot can!

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33 His Face

His face is @SS if you ask me

i agree

It is just perfect in every way!

Hate it.

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34 His Heart

Yeah! He took your sister's heart at one point! How evil, Justin Bieber!

Spitting on fans is very loving am I right?

He has a heart?


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35 He Made the Song Sorry

Justin revealed the true meaning of this song. He said its for everyone (especially you haters! ). Its time we forgive him. And the song is probably for Selena - Sparkjolt

Sorry is great and no one thinks about how busy he is and u r just lying commenting on this u don't have to get up at 230 AM

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36 Justin Can Rap

If you call that rap go listen to some N.W.A then come back and try to say "Justin Can Rap" again with a straight face.

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37 He's A Great Boyfriend

A boyfriend who will spit on you. How great. Even Hitler respects women more than Justin.

He would be one and I am in love with him so much ever time I lisin to his song I feel happy so much I love him so much xoxoxox

38 He will die

His death will bring back the world from terror

39 He Is a Good Person


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