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41 He's A Terrific Drummer

Not as good as Ringo...Oh wait, he isn't a drummer.

42 He's Better Than Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is better than him now.

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43 His Voice

Incredible voice I ever heard. he did, sound a little like girl, but I think that is what make his voice so damn nice

No difference compared to a Little girl, SERIOUSLY 0.0 - Dead-Beat

44 He Loves His Beliebers

What he only cares about is fame and drugs - Dead-Beat

Yeah, he loves spitting on them - Animefan12

I agree with Animefan12.


45 He's Not a Killer

I don't sing his songs. I don't write his songs. I don't kill people. That proves that I am better than him.

I'm not a killer either why doesn't anyone admire me?


46 He Loves Teen Titans GO!

Teen titans go is a very bad cartoon, not good! BillChiper strikes again! Don't listen to a criminal, cartoon network and CANCEL THE SHOW. - BorisRule

And by the way, BorisRule, my name IS NOT Bill Cipher. And it's Bill Cipher not BillChiper. Idiot! - alazeemrasaq2005

47 His Personality

How is his personality considered likeable if he has been arrested many times for stupidity? Apparently criminals are considered likeable now.

He is a good person just tries to hard to be cool.

Sane people will definitely hate Justin biever - Dead-Beat

He fails at being cool. HE IS SO MEAN, EVEN MEANER THAN THE DEVIL!

48 He Taught Me to Dream Big V 3 Comments
49 His Belief In God/Jesus

Does it really matter what god he worships he is a punk who has been arrested several times, he spat on his fans and drove under the influence but if he is a Christian he is pure right (by the way he is not pure neither are all Christians) - Gamer4life

Oh really! That's why he consumes drugs and stuff?! - Dead-Beat

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50 He's Beautiful Inside and Out

Shoot! I accidentally clicked on this! I actually hate him. - RiverClanRocks

He's great looking and so nice!

Gosh. This is a huge lie!

51 His Character

Speaking of Justin Bieber's animate character in Basebrawl, I, The Ultimate Daredevil am to cast him as Choad the stylized baseball helmet.

Formerly, Justin Bieber's character was too aggressive in many ways. Nowadays, the only flaw Justin Bieber has with his actual character has to do with his love affair with Selena Gomez and the fact that she broke up with The Weeknd, Charlie Puth, Nat Wolff and has extra ex-boyfriends.

52 His Penis V 2 Comments
53 He Triggers Angry Beatles Fans
54 He Hates My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
55 His Laugh

Love his laugh it's so cutie it fits in with the rest xx

56 His Body

I agree with you nobody is perfect expect prophet muhammad SAW I am a Muslim

He has a perfect body.. Actually everything about him is actually perfect..

Nobodys perfect exept prophet muhammad SAW Peace be upon him - Dead-Beat

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57 He's Perfect

He's so perfect and hot! There is literally nothing wrong with him! Exept maybe his tattoos- they are covering his perfection

No he's not.

58 His Support of Charity

This quality should be at number one but I don't know why idiots votes for stupid things.
This one should be on first be highlighted so that haters could know how good he is.

59 His Talent

I disagree with this person.

He is very talented, he just chooses the wrong songs to sing.

60 His Style

I like the clothes and cars he picks out.

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