Best Things About Mortal Kombat 9


The Top Ten

1 Fatalities

Old good brutal fatalities are coming back - Magnolia

2 Characters

Definitely the best part of the game. So glad all the classics are in here. My favorite is reptile but I also love sub-zero and scorpion. Freddy krueger and rain are awesome too.

All classic mk fighters are included here plus Kratos, Scarlet and some more - Magnolia

3 Story Mode

Very interesting story line. Far not every fighting game focused attention on it - Magnolia

4 Graphics
5 Combos
6 Test Your Might/Sight, etc
7 Tag Battle
8 X-ray moves

Adds intensity, suspense, and best of all, gore. - Magnolia

9 Arcade Ladder

Brought me back to classic MKII - Magnolia

10 The Game Itself

The Contenders

11 Challenge Tower
12 "Toasty!" is back
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