Top Ten Best Things About the Movie Star Trek Into Darkness

Watching this masterpiece, I was left speechless.
Into Darkness is the second of the new series of Star Trek films that are basically re-making some of the classic Star Trek series in an alternate universe, and they've done a brilliant job, both with Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. Into Darkness is amazing, for fans of Star Trek fans anyway. Trekkies will probably shoot me down for this, but I was always a much bigger fan of Star Trek TNG than the original Star Trek, but despite that, I fell absolutely in love with this movie. The combination between classic stuff and new stuff is spot on, the story is gripping and the characters and actors are spot on. And that moment when Spock goes into rage and fights Kahn. Stunning film.

The Top Ten

1 Actors stunning portrayal of the characters

Come on, there's nothing better than having the actors in a movie perfectly portray their characters, it only adds to the experience, and makes you want more from the company.
Kudos to this movie, the actors couldn't have done their parts better.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are quite literally "stunning"

2 Brilliant combination between new and old things
3 Beautiful 3D effects
4 Awesome battle between Spock and Khan

You really see Spock's emotions come out in this fight. Geting in a life or death battle with Khan just to evenge Khan. - bilbro29

5 The Enterprise being amazing as always
6 Gripping story
7 The Sheer Emotion
8 Khan
9 The Faithfulness to the series
10 The script

The Contenders

11 Zoe Saldana Hotter Than Ever

Zoe in a sexy red wetsuit in Star Trek Into Darkness? I can give her 10 out of 10 for her hot look. Beat that, Angelina Jolie!

12 "Sulu, Remind Me Never to Piss You Off"
13 Pavel Chekov
14 An Improvement On the Previous Bad Film
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