Best Things About Netflix

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1 Selection

So great! Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud

With so many to choose from, there isn't much you can't get through Netflix

2 Instant Queue/Watch Instantly

Who doesn't love having a whole library of movies at their instant beck and call?

3 Recommendations

The recommendations Netflix gives makes it so you watch movies that you usually might not pick.

4 Genres

With so many to choose from, you can watch anything you want

5 Rating

When you rate movies it picks out more movie recommendations for you, and gives you more movies to rate, which jogs your memory of movies that you've seen.

6 All The Horror Films You Can Watch

What more could you ask for

7 No Commercials


8 High Def

You can get your movies in high def, even on instant queue.

9 TV Series On Demand

Instead of paying a fortune for your favorite tv series, you can watch them on demand, or get them in the mail

10 Starz Play

You can watch a lot of new releases instantly through Starz Play.

The Contenders

11 Price

$8 a month is amazing deal for something as awesome as Netflix. - booklover1

12 Quick Mailing

Relatively quick mailing time.

13 Kids shows
14 Romantic Comedies
15 Cancelling Home: Adventures With Tip And Oh this year in 2018

Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh is a really bad Netflix show. Thank you Netflix for finally canncelling this disgusting show this year in 2018.

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