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1 Friends

Seeing Friends is what makes school awesome. School gives you an excuse to hang out and socialize with your friends. And best of all in school (Unless none of your friends go to your school, or have no friends in school) you get to see your friends 5 days a week for 9 months. It's awesome! Now yes you can see your friends on the weekends, but not for 7 hours. And also what about the friends that you can only see at school. Plus you can't hang out with all of your friends over the weekend, but you can at school. Library and Fave subjects are a close 2nd and 3rd

Its always great to see your friends and joke on everybody!

I love to see my friends.

They always give me a good laugh. They make me smile everyday it gives me giggles. Especially when we have "who can say Jellybean with out smiling but every time we fail! I love my friends.

Fun except if you are me

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2 Leaving it

The simple pleasure you get after school

I Am Like: Goodbye School! Hello Freedom and I have a laugh with my friends - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Who doesn't want to run out and scream something when you leave school... I hate school like that... - Lucretia


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3 Recess Time

My school cancelled recess because they thought it would be "dangerous" and they wanted us to have more time for standardized tests and cramming for them. Damn,

Hi katy down there, I know right Mr. lowe is rubbish I hate her! HEATHER! What? YOU CAN'T WAIT FOR KATY nag nag nag

Of course my school no longer has recess since I'm in middle school.

I want recess. I will trade my study hall or lunch or something for recess. - Lucretia

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4 Girl Students

I LOVE girls! What boy doesn't, we're boys, right? It's what we do! - moose4life19

I love them all GirlsGirlsGirls! I love bein' single so I could flirt, make kissy faces, it's so awesome and then they will all ask me out at the same time (it happened once) but I only said yes to 3 girls in my life, - SmoothCriminal

Girls are great and they will let you flirt and get close but they can be a bit annoying with their gossiping. I am single so it is great because they all ask me out and get close to me and we go out lots. We get along well and touch then more come. They cry a lot though so there are good things as well as bad

The girls and boys are both bad... every one is terrible - Lucretia

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5 Lunch

Lunch is the best thing for me because my lunch time goes for half an hour and I hate doing work all the time but on the other hand I have to do it. Some of my friends are not cool they love doing work but now I'm friends with cool peeps now because they hate doing work and they ask to go to the toilet.

Your saying they are cool because they hate work and ask to go to the toilet? Oh please

I have a nice lunch at the nearby mall with my friends, then go to the computer lab and type this, and do some other stuff I like! - MChkflaguard_Yt

You can go on your computer so - Lucretia

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6 Your Favourite Subjects

Of course! It inspires you to love your least favorite subject :)) - sdravenson

I once had last period science with all my friends and the best teacher ever! I never thought that I would be nostalgic for school but damn that class was FUN! When we finished our labs we got to talk, there was no bull about how the bell doesn't dismiss you, and overall I had a great time!

Yes, that's why I like school. I have a lot of great teachers and a lot of subjects. I have to say that my favourite subject is science. Not only I love the subject but I love my science teacher, he's so nice. - ivylee

My favorite is math and my we second is science

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7 Gym

I hate gym. He won't let us throw anything with a dominant hand in a game called virus. He thinks that were afraid to get hit with the ball but half of everyone does a sport and is athletic

We don't have a gym room so we stay outside and sometimes inside and work on something else when its raining. We love all the games they setup though like capture the flag.

5th grade gym was TORTURE I was so tired that I walked our laps and the teachers yelled COME ON GIRLS LETS GO

Gym sucks. They do 10 minute runs and stuff - Lucretia

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8 Last Day of School

Why isn't this on the top? It feels great when the bus drops you off at the bus stop and you walk or run to your house for freedom and you get 2 months off! It feels good. - BigButtCracker

Yup. Running out of school, smiling like an idiot, running to your car and leaving school for two whole months.

I want to run out with the teachers car keys on the last day... - Lucretia

Black Friday for kids

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9 Funny People

I'm a very funny person and I love other funny people laugh out loud!

I am funny. I like funny. I vote for funny people. Amen.

Yeah last year I had a funny teacher that always make me laugh with easy button jokes

They aren't really funny. - Lucretia

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10 Holidays

I don't think theirs one person that doesn't agree more - Soficitaaaa

No school is the best thing about school - Lucretia

Ahh hello the holidays are the best

Yea guys that's real good

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11 It Helps You Get a Job

School is helping me become a Marine/Politician.

Screw marines they are just terrorists in a patriotic outfit. - MChkflaguard_Yt

School. Because you totally need to know how many lines of symmetry a hexagon has to be a hockey player when you grow up. - GrapeJuiceK

Its not exactly the best thing, its about as enjoyable as everything else. - DapperPickle

I son't want a job. I want to be a... Alice In Chains fan. - Lucretia

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12 Math

Math should be off this list. - airplain313

Math is great... Unless you have a bad math teacher! (me sadly). - SelfDestruct

Why do a lot of people hate math? It's one of the subjects that require you to use your head and not your memory. I mean, history requires you to memorize right?

You don't need to use a fancy calculator or something after you finish school and some of it is useles. - Lucretia

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13 Additional Classes Cancelled

I get to skip science every Thursday when I have a volleyball Away game since it's my last period. Being on the volleyball team is living the good life. I dislike my science teacher and science in general

It was very good that additional maths class was cancelled

When you leave one hour earlier you feel relieved - RobloxBFDIPoke223


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14 You Learn Stuff

You get more smart

15 Band

I love the band I play trombone with my cousin and another girl that I ended up making friends with. I got into all district band and summer band it was awesome. I did a trio trombone song of locked out of heaven ( Bruno Mars) I love band

Almost all my friends are in band, which makes it a fun class. Even better is getting to play various instruments (drum set, marimba, etc.). I'm a percussionist and I LOVE it! Hack on! - Turkeyasylum

Band is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Band is like my family that I can't live without (: #Trombone4Life

Band is literally all I live for. I also love jazz band! I’m a flute/trumpet player (weird, right? Most flutists play sax in jazz band)

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16 Sports Games

That was supposed to be at the listing above - GrapeJuiceK

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17 Fridays

Fridays are awesome. The days are less stressful (work-wise), the days are shorter, the school lunches are better than normal, and there's also the fact that you have 2 days ahead of you once that day is over. I only have one problem with fridays though, and I only need 2 words to explain. REBECCA. BLACK.

Your sister start playing that song, dancing to it and tell you to join the dance - MChkflaguard_Yt

You work so hard to get through the week, and when you get there it feels pretty awesome. 2 days of relaxation, hanging out, and good times are just around the corner on friday!

Fridays are the bomb

I love fridays a bit, because we can do whatever we wan - Lucretia

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18 Science

This is the best subject

I love science! My favourite subject! - ivylee

Learning is more of making your way to college

Science is cool except the dumb work - Lucretia

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19 Boy Students

I think Boys can stop Girls arguing over stupid things. I go to an all girls school, and I miss the boys! :(

I gotta crush whom I figured out had a crush back at me! He is so cute, and I'm just like wow all the time.

I am a boy I think girls are better

As bad as girl ones really - Lucretia

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20 Get Awards

Hi all you people's

Putin vodka balalaika suka blet nahui

I got so much


21 Clubs

Sadly we don't have clubs, here in Romania - RobloxBFDIPoke223

22 Library

Not really. All I see are books and more books that I can explore. But some of them are terrible like who writes about Dora the explorer. And Judy Blume.

Library is always so fun! My library period is borrowing books and we always get to do fun activities after!

I love all kinds of books.

What's a library?

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23 Classes

I get to learn and when I learn I gain knowledge when I gain knowledge I can get POWER and once I get power I get domination and I will takeover the world Hitler failed, Mussolini failed, Tojo failed, everybody failed and I won't

One of the best parts!

Depends what class

WOoo classes for learning and teachers giving you bad marks!

24 Graduating

That moment in High school that you are done with it, but you gotta do college.

So can't wait for grad

25 Vacations

REALLY! How is this in it if school didn't exist then every day would be a vacation

26 You Get Friends
27 Bullies Get Expelled

No, just no. Innocents get punished these days- bullies are not.

Thus is bad if you are a bully

I'm so glad u brung this up I had a friend that was a bully to me

Nope only in college.
Maybe in olde school era a teacher would've caned them.

28 Your Teachers Might Be Nice
29 Art

Art actually doesn't suck. I love art, but at my school, it gets kind of mediocre.

Art is fun from the other subjects. It's pretty good. - ivylee

Art is just boring to me.

I absolutely hate when we do art 🎨

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30 Field Trips

It depends on the destination. NYC and amusement parks are awesome. The zoo and fire station are boring and for kindergarteners.

Depends what field trip I had a boring field trip once, most field trip are fun for me

Except when you get stuck in traffic for 2 hours. - PianoQueen


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31 You Might Have a Good Education
32 It Helps You Get Into a Good College

WHo cares about that - Lucretia

33 The School Might Give You a Computer

Yes that's why I have been considering not dropping out when I turn 16. - Lucretia

34 Teachers

My teachers are the one thing that stop me from transferring to a better school

I'm a teacher's pet for all of my teachers, so they love me.


35 Hot Teachers

My English teacher is SO hot! She's even hotter than most of the girls at school

My science teacher looks exactly like Tina Fey, so that's awesome!

Always nice to have something to look at in class... - GuitarZero

When we have a test, I try and finish as early as possible so I can spend the rest of the time staring at the student teacher.

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36 The School Might Be Progressive
37 Cool Teachers

One of my teachers wasn't just cool, she was the original ice-maiden... - Britgirl

I like all of my teachers. They're all cool and accept my awkwardness. They're not like the students

I do like my teachers! They are really nice to me! - ivylee

Teachers are not cool. - Kaboom

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38 Electives
39 History

History is terrible - Lucretia

40 At School You Have Fun

Not at all - Lucretia

41 Hot Chicks

If you like school for that... - Lucretia

I need bleach

Of course for all of the sex

Ew bleach is being requested - MChkflaguard_Yt

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42 Learning

Learning new & interesting things :o

Lening is fun

boring - schoolsucks

43 Talking to Many People

Nah, I'm all alone - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

44 Morning Assembly

BORING-I don't care if I spelt that wrong

You spelt it right


45 At School You Can Read Books
46 After School Parties

I like cake

47 School Programs

Yep I have no idea what these are because I'm geussing there boring and I just want to say, I LIKE CHEESE AND CHEESEBURGER

I don't know what the hell they are really, so I just voted to say this thing: BANGER BANGERS BANGERS Every School Programs? Wot I like cheese I bet you I'll get about 10 thumbs down on this com

Yes remids me of selling foods,toys and their are games like dart ballon,cacthing a fish and many more - lovingicecreams

48 Vending Machines

They don't even allow these at my school - Lucretia

So what there's a caffatiria and I have a pantry at home

49 Music

Its awful at schools. - Lucretia

50 Making Presentations

This one timei was dancing with my 2 friends, andwe dared eachother to dance to infront school, so we did, I was on FIRE! I had goosebumps everywhere... of course we were dancing too Smoothcriminal and Thriller - SmoothCriminal

One time my friend was singing a dum song called, baby face? Anyway he was singing this infront of everyone and half way through he stuffed up and everyone started laughing at him and was just crying crying and crying at the start of this com I said he was my friend but really he is not he's just a geek that has no friends and is really nerdy

It's fun. As long as you're not doing all of the work in a group project.

Smooth Criminal is pretty good

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