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Seeing Friends is what makes school awesome. School gives you an excuse to hang out and socialize with your friends. And best of all in school (Unless none of your friends go to your school, or have no friends in school) you get to see your friends 5 days a week for 9 months. It's awesome! Now yes you can see your friends on the weekends, but not for 7 hours. And also what about the friends that you can only see at school. Plus you can't hang out with all of your friends over the weekend, but you can at school. Library and Fave subjects are a close 2nd and 3rd

That would be nice. Sadly, the autistic, nervous, socially awkward brain of mine won't let me have any.

School is more than half of the reason I go to school! Friends are something I'd have been completely lost without in high school!

I feel like friends get in the way sometimes. and bad ones can get you into trouble. One time in the 1st grade,I was in art class and my "friend" wanted me to steal markers with her. On the outside I wanted to do it to be "cool" but on the inside I refused because it was wrong and I knew I would get in trouble. I'm glad I didn't because she ended up in the principles office, and if I got in trouble, my mom would give me a woopin and ground me.

Leaving it

I got really sad at my graduation last year. I hated leaving the best High School in america.

I can't wait to graduate this year. It felt like forever to be a senior since I joined this website when I was in 8th grade.

I like learning but I hate being around a bunch of retarded idiots for a hole god damn year

Same. The teachers make me interact with kids at school because they think I am lonely. I am not I just hate the other kids (with the exception of my boyfriend who graduated last year)

The simple pleasure you get after school

Last Day of School

Nice! Finally done with this awful place!
Months later...
Hey, wait a minute...

Honestly love leaving school, don't have to see the teachers or hear there deadly dull voices! GET IT TO THE TOP

This should be on number 1 because this is when you say bye bye to school and teachers feel depressed when it's the Last Day of School.

Why isn't this on the top? It feels great when the bus drops you off at the bus stop and you walk or run to your house for freedom and you get 2 months off! It feels good.

And then it's mid August, we have to prepare stuff and get ready for school again.

Recess Time

well, I still have that in middle school but it doesn't have a playground. I would play sports instead. - ROBLOX Connor4808

My school cancelled recess because they thought it would be "dangerous" and they wanted us to have more time for standardized tests and cramming for them. Damn,

Of course my school no longer has recess since I'm in middle school.

Everyone! Put your Roblox username onnn here and I will meet youuu there mine’s JennaBSF

Girl Students

There are some hot ones, but it'll be a long time before I even have a chance of catching a date.

I LOVE girls! What boy doesn't, we're boys, right? It's what we do!

I wonder why boys look at girls like sexual dolls not like friend!

Girls are great and they will let you flirt and get close but they can be a bit annoying with their gossiping. I am single so it is great because they all ask me out and get close to me and we go out lots. We get along well and touch then more come. They cry a lot though so there are good things as well as bad


I'm always hungry. No matter how much I eat, my hunger is never quenched.

Lunch was always a great time, was able to eat, and visit friends, and also teachers in other classes

Lunch is the best thing for me because my lunch time goes for half an hour and I hate doing work all the time but on the other hand I have to do it. Some of my friends are not cool they love doing work but now I'm friends with cool peeps now because they hate doing work and they ask to go to the toilet.

At my school we are not allowed to share food but a ton of people in my class (including me and my friends) does it anyway

Funny People

In my chemistry class, there are quite a few funny students. One of them pretends to be the teacher and he says, "Raise your hand, who knows the answer? ", and I find that hilarious. He also asks other students to write their answers on the board. There is also another student who makes up funny stories about Russian and Soviet wars and once he said the phrase "Deja vu" means the same thing as a battleship. That person is from China and in my opinion, I think there is a Chinese word that sounds a lot like "Deja vu" that translates to ship. That student also made a prank to the teacher in a team game by naming everyone on the team his name. Then the teacher was asking, "Why are there so many (student's name)s on this team?! " Thanks to these students, from now on, I look forward to going to school. I hope I also have these students next semester.

I'm a very funny person and I love other funny people laugh out loud!

My friend in 7th grade was having a tantrum and he said "Mr. Berkman, I'm gonna take your food and throw it in the trash! " I couldn't stop laughing that was so funny!
He also once imitated a girl flushing the toiled 10,000 times back in Elementary school, I was laughing like heck!
And I was playing with a frisbee that year and this guy kept making this sound: "aw *raspberry*" and I laughed so much I peed myself.
I had some amazing moments back then too, not just bad ones!

Yeah last year I had a funny teacher that always make me laugh with easy button jokes

Your Favourite Subjects

The only ones I like are math and (depending on what we're doing)PE. The rest suck.

Yeah I had lots of favourite subjects, some of the subjects I had lots of fun in, and some I was excited to take when it was a new semester or school year

Of course! It inspires you to love your least favorite subject :))

I once had last period science with all my friends and the best teacher ever! I never thought that I would be nostalgic for school but damn that class was FUN! When we finished our labs we got to talk, there was no bull about how the bell doesn't dismiss you, and overall I had a great time!


I can survive gym class but I hate it. It's the most pointless class in school

I hate gym. He won't let us throw anything with a dominant hand in a game called virus. He thinks that were afraid to get hit with the ball but half of everyone does a sport and is athletic

5th grade gym was TORTURE I was so tired that I walked our laps and the teachers yelled COME ON GIRLS LETS GO

We don't have a gym room so we stay outside and sometimes inside and work on something else when its raining. We love all the games they setup though like capture the flag.


It could be fun if we actually got to play what we wanted. Instead of playing quality pieces like We Are Number One and All Star, we have to play boring and overly peaceful pieces.


We have these band performances and even a students' Battle of the Bands. The best part? It's not a marching band--it's full on rock, pop, metal, o whatever genre befits you. Hell, even anime (the One Punch Man OST auditioning song was mad). Our band is a defending champion for three years straight counting this year, and my position there is lead guitarist and sometimes a vocalist.

The wildest band competition was when we were in a complicated round in which the first band representative to step forward and tap the bell would have to play a song provided by the judges. At that time it was Van Halen's Eruption, which caused an outraged from the audience since it was so hard to play (for them, at least). But, was the best day ever since as a new member that time, I got to see our own band win the competition for the first time and bonus, that was how I earned my first kiss from my fellow bandmate.

Orchestra is way better. It has less instruments so it's less confusing for the teacher and it's just better

I love the band I play trombone with my cousin and another girl that I ended up making friends with. I got into all district band and summer band it was awesome. I did a trio trombone song of locked out of heaven ( Bruno Mars) I love band

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It Helps You Get a Job

to work for a company.
But what if you want to OWN a company?

What if you have an awesome idea and you are silenced because of your work?

Yeah and school shouldn't be gone. if we don't go to school, then how are we gonna have a college and get a famous job. you really need school for college and jobs - ROBLOX connor4808

Adult learning centres can help you get a job and umm the job centre.
You can learn things from books from a I read it and I was like wow I didn't learn that in school.
Know-It-Alls just put this on here.

School is helping me become a Marine/Politician.

Screw marines they are just terrorists in a patriotic outfit.

You Learn Stuff

You get more smart

No, it's boring

Pointless crap


Fridays are awesome. The days are less stressful (work-wise), the days are shorter, the school lunches are better than normal, and there's also the fact that you have 2 days ahead of you once that day is over. I only have one problem with fridays though, and I only need 2 words to explain. REBECCA. BLACK.

Your sister start playing that song, dancing to it and tell you to join the dance

You work so hard to get through the week, and when you get there it feels pretty awesome. 2 days of relaxation, hanging out, and good times are just around the corner on friday!

Kinda sad that were going back to school at Sunday BUT STILL LIKE, COME ON "NO SCHOOL"

Fridays are the bomb

Sports Games

That was supposed to be at the listing above

I fell over and I can't get up

I fall over

Right, because learning the perimeter of a square is going to get you a dream job like, maybe, FOOTBALL PLAYER! 🙄

You Get Friends

I have no friends

My friends dumped my so I agree 100%

And fake female dogs,jerks,snobby jealous people and more!

I can't wait until school ends
because I got no friends


I can't wait to graduate in June. I would rather listen to Big Time Rush or get a job than go to school.

My graduation was SO awkward, I was late and since I had no friends people just looked at me like a weirdo while I was all alone, thank Jesus it's over.

My grad happened 2 years ago, feels like it was a few months ago, time does fly, I remember the excitement of grad 2 years ago, and having my last day of high school, I remember playing kahoot in my final class, and my last day of school and during my first summer it felt like I had another school year coming, since I got used to school, and I do miss school sometimes

It would be one of your best moments in school. passing school, and going to college. - roblox connor4808


Yeah it nice to have holidays off in school like xmas and easter

I don't think theirs one person that doesn't agree more

Ahh hello the holidays are the best

Yea guys that's real good

Field Trips

Yep, we could go to museums, factories, amusement parks (sometimes), and other fun stuff. and zoos are boring since they don't have canines and felines here or you can't be close to them and its for kinder and 1st grade - roblox connor4808

Depends on the field trip, I had 1 field trip in grade 11 I didn't care about, and was kinda upsetting for me. Also had the odd boring field trip, I did have lots of fun ones in school

It depends on the destination. NYC and amusement parks are awesome. The zoo and fire station are boring and for kindergarteners.

Depends what field trip I had a boring field trip once, most field trip are fun for me

You Might Have a Good Education
Your Teachers Might Be Nice

You could also try your luck on getting 5 jackpots in a row and you will be luckier

Teachers are why we have knowledge and we need to keep it going.

Ma teacher nic but boring


Boy Students

I think Boys can stop Girls arguing over stupid things. I go to an all girls school, and I miss the boys! :(

I gotta crush whom I figured out had a crush back at me! He is so cute, and I'm just like wow all the time.

I am a boy I think girls are better

Who cares if the students are boys or girls anyway?!


I'm a teacher's pet for all of my teachers, so they love me.

Depends on the teacher. Some are really nice while others are really mean.

This one I have to say my english teacher now is the devil, no Kahoot, no phones (duh), no music, no games, no talking to your friends, no free time. Nothing! But my teacher last year was the opposite! She was amazing and one of the best teachers I ever had.

My teachers are the one thing that stop me from transferring to a better school


Science class was hell last school year and caused my friend's mental health to worsen

Science in school sucks. Except one year a teacher really helped me and cared for me and that really made me interested in the class. - 0w0uwu

This is the best subject

I love science! My favourite subject!

Learning is more of making your way to college


REALLY! How is this in it if school didn't exist then every day would be a vacation

Bullies Get Expelled

No, just no. Innocents get punished these days- bullies are not.

Thus is bad if you are a bully

Get banned lol

I'm so glad u brung this up I had a friend that was a bully to me

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