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41 Learning

Learning new & interesting things :o

Lening is fun

boring - schoolsucks

42 Talking to Many People

Nah, I'm all alone - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

43 Morning Assembly

BORING-I don't care if I spelt that wrong

You spelt it right


44 Hot Chicks

Of course for all of the sex

Ew bleach is being requested - MChkflaguard_Yt

hell yeah

Ewww gross - Belle9090

45 At School You Can Read Books
46 After School Parties

I like cake

47 School Programs

Yep I have no idea what these are because I'm geussing there boring and I just want to say, I LIKE CHEESE AND CHEESEBURGER

I don't know what the hell they are really, so I just voted to say this thing: BANGER BANGERS BANGERS Every School Programs? Wot I like cheese I bet you I'll get about 10 thumbs down on this com

Yes remids me of selling foods,toys and their are games like dart ballon,cacthing a fish and many more - lovingicecreams

48 Vending Machines V 1 Comment
49 Music
50 Making Presentations

This one timei was dancing with my 2 friends, andwe dared eachother to dance to infront school, so we did, I was on FIRE! I had goosebumps everywhere... of course we were dancing too Smoothcriminal and Thriller - SmoothCriminal

One time my friend was singing a dum song called, baby face? Anyway he was singing this infront of everyone and half way through he stuffed up and everyone started laughing at him and was just crying crying and crying at the start of this com I said he was my friend but really he is not he's just a geek that has no friends and is really nerdy

It's fun. As long as you're not doing all of the work in a group project.

Smooth Criminal is pretty good

51 Gossip

Gossip is for girls

Well it's the opposite here- tell me how to spell opposite please unless I got that right

In my class boys are the ones that gossip most

You spelled it right.

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52 Drama

As in drama club or gossip? - PianoQueen

53 You Can See Your Crush

Agreed I got to see my crush everyday for 3 school years, and she smiled at me almost every day, now since I graduated high school I don't see my crush anymore :-(

Excuse me, I go to an all girl's school, so something's gone wrong if I look forwards to seeing my crush in school!

Yeah it is so nice

54 Orchestra

Best thing in the damn year!

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55 Bus Ride

Stinky boring and gross AKA every one should hate it because it's not awesome

Smelly and not awesome

One time, the bus for a field trip was late because it fell apart and they had to get a new one. - Kaboom

56 Wi-Fi

My school don't allow wifi for students

57 Fights

I always fight but the stupid teachers always come along and ruin it.

Fighting rocks

Fights are fun unless you are in one. - shawnmccaul22

The fights are awesome!

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58 Playing Games V 2 Comments
59 You Can Bring Your Gecko to the Football Field

The fact is not an easy way to go back and I don't think that is not an issue with a lot more fun and addicting and I don't know what to do with my life and you can do it for about two years.

What the? That is the most important thing in my room and the most beautiful girl in the world to me

What's that coment Kent to mean?

Sorry ment not kent

60 Sometimes You Can Be Popular

I'm so popular at school but it is hard

Nope & I don't want to be popular the popular people are usually jerks

The teachers got annoyed that I was so popular and banned my personality. - Kaboom

Once I was popular it was so cool

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