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61 English

Boring boring bore... its literally essays and packets - Lucretia

English is so boring that one time actually fell asleep one time, but it's so easy. It's still CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP X 10000000000000

I love english it is fun and easy to understand

English: The most stressful school subject of all TIME! >:(

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62 Cafeteria

Best thing ever

63 Nice Substitute Teachers

Normally I get a crap substitute teacher and they always do every thing different

I have only had about 5 nice substitute teachers. One of them were nicer and funnier than most of my regular teachers and he was there for 2 months.

I had some good substitute teachers in school I remember a funny one I had made me laugh, and some subs were nice to talk to - flaggy0666

Yeah I had 2 substitute teachers I enjoyed talking to they were really nice

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64 You Can Picnic and Blast Music

I don't think that was a good one for me and you to know about because it could lead to a bad reputation of a life of crime

Not with my music... - Lucretia


65 Clean School Toilets

School toilets are never clean


Never clean - schoolsucks


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66 It's Easy to Fall Asleep

Especially in boring classes like English.

True enough. - Lucretia

I'm not even comment on this one because it is absolutely pointless. Wait I just did comment on it. DAM😜

67 Popular Girls

That's another bad things. - Lucretia

My girlfriend is popular

Very stylish

68 Doing Homework

Home work sucks and blah

Homework sucks - flaggy0666

69 Examinations

I thought that said exterminations... - Lucretia

I don't know its ok?

70 Spanish

Screw whoever said Spanish sucks, it's my favorite foreign language. I hate French because our teacher is so boring, strict, and gives us SO MUCH HOMEWORK! - astroshark

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71 Pottery

Who likes this

True enough - Lucretia

72 iPad Cart
73 Using Your Phone

A kid got caught using her phone in class once and the teacher asked her to give it to her so she threw it at the teacher and got really mad.

I hide my phone under the desk and spend most of the time texting and taking selfies

It's so fun using your phone as u get to play games and stuff...

74 Uniforms

They look so fancy!

They are teaching us that indiviuality is too be avodied. - Lucretia

Reduces bullying, drama, 73 more items
Mine is: white shirt with the school logo on it
dark blue long trousers with a belt
black shoes
Yes, some school has really bad uniforms, my pe uniform also sucked - MChkflaguard_Yt

75 Geography

What is happening

Geography is my favorite subject, it's so interesting to learn abou the earth. - darthvadern

76 Prefects
77 School Magazines
78 Breaks Between Hours

The most recent update is so good I don't know how much I love it and I have to go to bed now and I don't have any more than one million dollars to help you with all of your own life

79 Watching Movies V 1 Comment
80 You Can Rest

No u don't - schoolsucks

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