Top 10 Best Things About Summer


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1 No School

This is THE best! During summer, I can finally play video games for hours without worrying about the homework that I didn't do!

It feels so good to not have to get tons of stress from school work for 3 whole months! You don't know how good it feels!

Once this happens, I take out the Guitar Hero 3 and start playing dat song OUT LOUD, LOL - SmoothCriminal


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2 You Get to Go Swimming

Yeah I get to drown my little Cousin more - SmoothCriminal

The swimming pool is only open in summer - GriffinDoge

It is my favorite reason of summer. - insaneperson344

Ture it is also nice to go swimming outside

3 Warm Weather

Once the heat pops on me, I'm used to it. - insaneperson344

I love warm weather,better then cold - Nateawesomeness

4 Barbecues
5 Being Lazy

I love being lazy - TheGirlyInsomniac

Hell no,I hate lazy - Nateawesomeness

6 Sleep Whenever

I stay up late all the time - Nateawesomeness

I THINK THIS IS THE BEST.. ! I heart summer

7 4th of July

I live in one of the few states where you can shoot fireworks - Nateawesomeness

8 You Get to Hang Out With Friends More

Disagreed, you hang out with friends at school more. - GriffinDoge

Homework don't get in your way! - Nateawesomeness


9 You Get to Do More Things You Want to Do

I can finally finish that level in Kingdom Hearts. - NikoX

School isn't hereXD - Nateawesomeness

10 You Don't Have to Wear Jackets

I don't like jackets - Nateawesomeness

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? Vacations

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11 You Can Relax
12 Fruit Salad Fruit Salad
13 Beach

Just chilling in the sun, tanning, bathing suits, feet in the sand. Need I say more?

The obvious choice for a vacation spot - Nateawesomeness

14 You Can Go to Water Parks

Water parks are the best! - Nateawesomeness

Its awesome

15 Sun

To be fair,every season has the sun with it - Nateawesomeness

16 Fun
17 You Get to Play Outdoor Sports
18 Heat

Better then the cold - Nateawesomeness

19 Ice Cream
20 You Can Go In the Ocean


The globes mighty blue,a wonder to play in its wet liquids[lol I' am wise with quotes] - Nateawesomeness

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1. Being Lazy
2. 4th of July
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1. You Get to Go Swimming
2. Being Lazy
3. No School
1. Warm Weather
2. You Get to Go Swimming
3. You Can Go In the Ocean

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