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You don't have to be a ten year old kid to like Christmas you know. I'm not and I love it.

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1 Presents

of COURSE this is number 1... because all the little 8 years olds want their XBOX and Minecraft and maybe MLP on DVD lmao

Laugh out loud everyone LOVES this.. When you say Christmas I think of presents (and jesus ), pretty epic moment when you get what you want

I think the excitement when my mom puts presents under the tree two weeks before Christmas and I'm wondering what they are is just as exciting as actually opening them.

I love presents. It's the time I get things I don't get when it's not Christmas

2 The Birth of Jesus Christ

I would say the remembrance of Jesus and that he has done for us and that we can be saved from our sinful state and be made like Christ just for believing that he died on the cross for our sin and that he rose again like he said he would. Jesus is the greatest present of the season!

Who even cares about Jesus Christ.
The story in the Bible is rather dull.

I don't know. Maybe he sacrificed himself so you can be here right now.

Aren't we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. All the atheists say "Well 25th December Isn't Jesus's real birthday it is the start of winter solstice. Christmas has Pagan roots blah blah blah" Maybe Jesus wasn't born on 25th December. Maybe We will never know his actual real birth date because it may have been lost through history, But WHO CARES? We're still Celebrating Jesus's Birthday, Once A year we are still taking time to celebrate Our savior coming into the world.

3 Christmas Eve

Ahh yes...I have fond memories of one Christmas Eve in particular. Watching my younger brother's little face light up as he helped decorate the tree. Licking out the cake bowl as mum and I slaved away baking special festive cupcakes. I remember him looking out of the window with a touch of sadness because the snow hadn't arrived yet but getting sick with anticipation and excitement as the evening wore on, jumping up and down, clapping his hands together and chanting "Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! " No, I shall never forget his excited little face, bless him. He was 30 years old at the time...

Aah, yes. The day before Christmas Day. I actually like both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to be honest.

When I was a little girl, I used to think Christmas was about presents, but as I started growing up (I'm currently 16 years old) my parents explained to me that the true meaning of Christmas was about friends and family getting together, having meals, gift-giving (PS: I know it is a cool part about Christmas) When my parents told me that Santa Claus wasn't real, I was disappointed at first, but I was okay afterwards.

On Christmas Eve, me, my parents, and older sister (I'm 16 and she's 19) would open our stocking-gifts after we would come home from church.

On Christmas Day, my grandma would come over for breakfast and we would be happy every year

To be honest, Christmas for me is not about the presents or fancy decorations, it's about The Birth of Jesus, Family, Sharing & The spirit of Christmas. But I love spending time with my family on Christmas Eve, Warm & snuggled up on our sofa, drinking Hot chocolate, eating mince pies & watching a Classic Christmas film. The only lights we have (other than the light from our T.V.) is the twinkling Christmas tree lights to light up our lounge. Some people like to celebrate Christmas Eve getting hammered in town or in a pub but not for me, I like spending it with my family.

It's all about anticipation. You can't wait to see what you're going to get, even as you're falling asleep. Merry Christmas, guys!

4 Being With Family

I love my family I wish it could be Christmas Every day I love receiving and giving presents whats not to like.

Getting together to share this religious festival together. With food and presents, it's always better if you have family and friends round.

I love my family I wish it could be Christmas Every day I love receiving and giving presents whats not to like.

Seriously 4th Family's everything.

5 Christmas Day

It ends quick. But its all worth it.

After you've opened your presents seen the family and had your dinner that's it. Christmas is over then

I'm getting a boogie board for Christmas and they're only 24 days left! I'm begging my parents for it

It comes and goes so fast! But it's an enjoyable day. Christmastime is memorable each year.

6 Snow

Yes Snow is beautiful! I wish I was in the States or Somewhere real Cold for Christmas so I could see some snow. In Britain it rarely snows and if it does it normally snows January - February because they are the coldest months it never really snows In December because it's to mild for snow. The best we get is rain or some sleet at best. I have never seen a white Christmas, I'd love to see it 1 day

It rarely snows over here in england. But it has done.

I live in England. In my town, at least, there's no white Christmas to be hoped for. Our snow usually comes in January. This year it came on the 12th of December or around there.

I live in Central Queensland, where it hasn't snowed since the last ice age, so I don't get to see the beauty of snow, but I still can dream of it, and hope I see it some day.

7 Santa Claus

No he is not even real and this tradition is most likely to traumatize a child like I loved the fact that they say do not do that Jimmy and Johnny a fat red bellies stranger with a white beard that is thousands years old is watching you and you get not toys!

Well Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas who was A real person, I guess you could continue the examples & legacy of Saint Nick. Good will, helping the needy & giving gifts to others. Maybe Santa isn't real and Saint Nicholas is now in Heaven but you can continue the spirit of it which keeps it alive =)

I stopped believing in him when I was seven because science got the best of me. Being smart has completely RUINED my childhood.

Admit it... As a kid you loved Santa...

I mostly found the idea of him looking at children constantly creepy (try saying that fast, haha). And I was cautious of how he breaks into houses. And my house doesn't have a chimney. My family had to kinda change the story. Instead of the story of him looking at children constantly to see their behaviour, my parents say they phone him every night to say how I've been each day. But he was generous, giving presents. - LemonComputer

8 The Music

The music should pick anyone up from the brink of depression.

Oh look a new song from Ariana Grande, oh and it's Christmas related. Cool

Christmastime is the only time of the year I don't feel suicidal. The music is a huge part of that.

"I wish it could everyday, let the bells rind out for Christmas"

9 Decorating the Tree

Decorating the tree just reminds me of when I was an innocent little child with no worries. Spending time with family decorating the tree is one of the best Christmas experiences of my whole life.

10 Christmas Dinner

Personally I never ate Christmas dinners, but I ask the cooks whats on the menu for Christmas dinner and the food looks so delicious.

Yorkshire puddings, spuds, perhaps mash, carrots, and the turkey, peacefully drowning in gravy. Amazing!

My family eats Asian food for Christmas

It's SO nice except for the sprouts

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11 The Lights / Decorations

So nice, I live near the harbour so going out and seeing the lights reflect on the sea and the christmas lights everywhere. Love it!

Putting up the decorations, our family put up the tree on the 1st of december, too early?

Oh my god its so so so so so beautiful.

I HATE flashing lights though! Such a nasty headache they give me! I like the ones that go from one colour to the next slowly though, they're cool.

12 The Spirit

When christmas time comes I get excited the music and the food and the family time and the traditions. Wrapping presents drinking hot choclate and watching christmas movies. Going to your local christmas pagent. Waking up chrissmas morning and opening presents and drinking eggnog. Making cookies and turkey. Going to your grandparents on Christmas Eve and the day after christmas. Going to get your christmas tree and decorating it. Decorating your house with lights. Eating muffins and cupcakes. Putting up the nativity scene. Going to your church and seeing there tree light up. Facetiming your family every night. Always showing people what you are getting other people. Shopping for other people. They are all part of the christmas spirt so this should be #1.

WOW I can not believe this is number 16! This should be way higher! Christmas time spreads an infectious Holiday Spirit of Good will, Giving, Thoughtfulness and Kindness. It's not the Presents or the Fancy decorations & lights, It's not the material things at all. It is the spirit that warms people to think of others and Give to see others happy. Even some of the most coldest heartless people can't resist The Christmas Spirit that warms them. It is just beautiful!

I believe the spirit of Christmas is a form of The Holy spirit of God. The Christmas spirit is love and thinking of others. God is love x The Father. The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Christmas Spirit is magical. It's like The spirit of Saint Nicolas, Giving, good will & thinking of other people.

13 Eating Milk and Cookies

Am I the only one who doesn't have this as one of their Christmas traditions? My family does have a strange tradition I guess.. We drink Fanta smoothies. Put some Fanta and vanilla ice cream into a blender and pour into a cup. It tastes AMAZING!

hail yeah

NamNam Nam!

14 School Holidays

I'm doing so much this year in the holiday.. Practicing guitar (playing my own songs mostly), Photoshop (I'm learning very fast on there), drawing and playing Roblox. I feel good about myself. I'm getting so much done. I know that I'm getting better at things and my achievements. At school, not so much. Excuse my language, but I feel about myself. Although I feel I've improve on things (especially PE.. I went from not doing the lessons at all to actually liking a sport and taking part in every lesson I can), I still feel worthless. I feel like everyone at school knows I feel worthless and agree, though it doesn't necessarily mean they do. This is the mind that low self-esteem gives you. Kinda emotion. I'm away from all the emotion. I know it's not school's fault necessarily. It's mine, and I know it. I should stop thinking bad about myself.

The holidays just feel so good. I do so much in them and feel way better about myself during the holidays.

For those school haters. Its brilliant to relax for days.

I know it says School Holidays but work Holidays are the same thing LOL, It's really nice to break up from work for 1 or 2 and just chill out with your family and get into the Christmas Spirit.

I really hate school so I really love this time.

15 Stockings

nice... ok

16 Christmas Lights

Passing houses with light on it is beautiful

17 Spending Time With Family

Going a family members for a party and getting more presents and having a laugh and a great time

18 Play With the Gifts

Can't you do this all year?

19 Candy
20 The Happiness

Yea I love it in the Christmas movies when they're all waving to passing people in the streets, sometimes complete strangers and they're like "Merry Christmas", "Hey, Merry Christmas! " Spreading the Happiness. I find Christmas shoppers are always smiley & happy not unless it's like 2 days before Christmas & they rush into panic mode LOL

oh... happiness? you mean the fact you don't have school for a few weeks? sure

Walk down a street near christmas, everybody seems to be happy.

Christmastime is the only time of year I'm not depressed and suicidal. Everyone else seems to be really happy too.

21 Celebrating

I add, did I just say 'drink whiskey and get drunk'?. Wow, just wow.

For some, they love to put there feet up and drink whiskey and get drunk. Happly.

Getting drunk then acting like a football holligan haha.

22 Christmas Movies

My family watches A Christmas Story, Home Alone, and Elf every year.

nope most Christmas movies suck

My favorites are “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”

23 Being With Friends

Spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend for the single one's :/


24 Hot Chocolate

Its really good

25 Sharing

Giving gives me so much more than receiving.
I can't believe with what I've read, everyone so into receiving! "Oh I'm getting this, I'm getting that" damn I think y'all missing the point what Christmas is all about.

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