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21 Campfire
22 Being With Friends

Spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend for the single one's :/


23 Sharing

Giving gives me so much more than receiving.
I can't believe with what I've read, everyone so into receiving! "Oh I'm getting this, I'm getting that" damn I think y'all missing the point what Christmas is all about.

24 Stockings
25 Drinking Hot Chocolate

So relaxing and tasty, I've yet to try it with marshmallows in but I hear it's nice!

Doesn't everyone like hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate rocks!

26 Candy
27 Christmas Shopping

It's nice to think of others and actually take the time and go and buy them a gift.

Who doesn't like Christmas shoppin

28 Christmas Outfit

Love getting Christmas clothes

Christmas sweaters are bae

29 Baking
30 Christmas Movies

My family watches A Christmas Story, Home Alone, and Elf every year.

31 Christmas Story
32 Krampus

He's just so evil and well cool! :-)

It looks really good

33 Hot Chocolate
34 Advent

That was the worse thing counting down getting excited haha

35 Chatting
36 Watching Sports
37 Gingerbread Houses
38 The End

I love Christmas all of it, but I really hate the expenses of it, Gifts can be so expensive. And I dislike having to sit around twiddling my thumbs and exhausting my brain for hours on end trying to figure out what to buy people for Christmas. It's really difficult to buy people gifts when they have already got everything they want and need it gets really difficult. So the end is nice when it's all over with and you look forward to a New Year.

For a parent struggling to get by, once its done its relaxing. - PotBellyPup

39 Love
40 Spending Time With Family

Going a family members for a party and getting more presents and having a laugh and a great time

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