Best Things That Could Be Invented


The Top Ten

1 The Anime / Manga World

What a delightful place it would be! - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

Please god, keep me alive until this world is invented! I'm ready to forsake even my own real life to live an anime life. I want to live the Detective Conan world. Despite your usename, I like you IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens for adding this item to this list. - Kiteretsunu

2 The Delete Button for Humans

It's called a bullet. - thedustmoth

For all the bad people in the world. - Userguy44

3 A Time Machine

I would go to legendary concerts. - Userguy44

Me: Ok, time machine, let’s go to 1930 to kill Adolf Hitler
*travels to 1930*
Me: Okay Hitler, time to die
*shoots Hitler dead*
Yay, I killed him, now there won’t be WWII! - JoeBoi

4 The Mute Button for Humans

It is also called a bullet. - MoldySock

Did I ever tell you about the time... (Yes, you did. ) *mute* - PetSounds

It’s called “blackmailing” - KingSlayer93316

5 The Ability to Fly
6 The Option to Disown Family Members
7 Attractive Serum

A serum to make you look SEXY AS HELL! - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

8 A Thing to Make School Disappear

That’s called a bomb - KingSlayer93316

9 Bitch-be-gone Spray

A fangirl-be-gone spray.

LOL - KingSlayer93316

Laugh out loud That would be so cool, you spray some stuff on the bitch and she/he'll go away! Laugh out loud - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

10 A Robot That Does Everything for You

How cool it would be if Robot would do homework, clean room, and feeds you anything you want to eat at anytime - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

The Contenders

11 Hoverboards
12 A Weather Changer

It be cool to have a thing to change the weather to any non severe weather you want, like change a snow day to nice weather, and change rain to warm weather, or to a thunderstorm that wasn't severe

13 A Thing that Can Fix Anything that is Broken
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