Best Things That Could Be Invented

The Top Ten

1 The Anime / Manga World

What a delightful place it would be! - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

Please god, keep me alive until this world is invented! I'm ready to forsake even my own real life to live an anime life. I want to live the Detective Conan world. Despite your usename, I like you IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens for adding this item to this list. - Kiteretsunu

2 The Delete Button for Humans

For all the bad people in the world. - Userguy44

It's called a bullet. - thedustmoth

3 A Time Machine

This would be cool machine to use, could visit my childhood again - trains45

I don't know what the first war ever was but how about stop the first war ever so no wars ever happen.
Stop the Titanic from sinking.
Maybe have SpongeBob never airing and give the guy who invented it a better idea a more smarter cartoon.

I would go to legendary concerts. - Userguy44

Me: Ok, time machine, let’s go to 1930 to kill Adolf Hitler
*travels to 1930*
Me: Okay Hitler, time to die
*shoots Hitler dead*
Yay, I killed him, now there won't be WWII! - JoeBoi

4 The Mute Button for Humans

This would be nice if someone was annoying - trains45

It is also called a bullet. - MoldySock

It’s called “blackmailing” - KingSlayer93316

Did I ever tell you about the time... (Yes, you did. ) *mute* - PetSounds

5 The Ability to Fly
6 The Option to Disown Family Members
7 Attractive Serum

A serum to make you look SEXY AS HELL! - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

8 A Thing to Make School Disappear

School = nightmare but some subjects are important for you and some subjects are not important for you.
Someone who studies math and science wont want to study religious education.
You don't want to tell anyone but what if you want to become the principal someone has to do it if someone retires/fired/dies.
You want to flip burgers because it's a job which someone needs to do.
Becoming an artist is a tough job to get but it's a school subject.
Becoming a cook or a chef.
P.E. just watch a sports channel.

That’s called a bomb - KingSlayer93316

9 Bitch-be-gone Spray

A fangirl-be-gone spray.

Laugh out loud That would be so cool, you spray some stuff on the bitch and she/he'll go away! Laugh out loud - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

10 A Robot That Does Everything for You

How cool it would be if Robot would do homework, clean room, and feeds you anything you want to eat at anytime - IHateEveryoneOnTheTopTens

The Contenders

11 Hoverboards
12 A Weather Changer

The weather would probably keep chaging if this was around, unless you could lock the weather for a day - trains45

It be cool to have a thing to change the weather to any non severe weather you want, like change a snow day to nice weather, and change rain to warm weather, or to a thunderstorm that wasn't severe

13 A Thing that Can Fix Anything that is Broken
14 God-Like Powers
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