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21 Turn On Your Christmas Lights

Turn on your lights if you have then on your tree or strung around the house it's a great way to get into the Christmas spirit

No then what is whole point of the light if your going to turn them out:(

I LOVE doing this for Christmas

Any white reindeer light I see reminds me of a patronus from the harry potter books - Lunala

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22 Make a Gingerbread House

I'm going to make one with my other grandma in 2 days

I like to do that I am about to make one

Ha I'm doing that today :) x

I wanna do this - Lunala

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23 Eat Finger Food

Christmas Eve is the only day of the year that I let my children eat chips, dip, candy, cookies, and chocolate to their heart's content. To them, Christmas Eve is a very special smorgasbord.

I'd say have your kids do a Christmas program for your family and sit down at dinner and watch a movie! Happy ideas

Yeah! A great thing to do on Xmas Eve!

Lots of my favourite foods start with a “C”

Chocolate, chicken nuggets, cookies, cheese. - Lunala

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24 Open a new pair of pj's on Christmas Eve and go to bed in them

Every year, my Mum gets everyone new pyjamas and bedding sets. After having a bubble bath and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream we get into bed with our new bedding and pyjamas :-) Mums excuse for getting these year after year... "You've got to look nice and clean for Santa" :-)
Happy Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year

My parents do this every year and give me, my sister, and brother new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve

That is one of our Christmas traditions and it is super fun.

I don't have pj's

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25 Try to Guess Your Christmas Presents

Always fun, just no peaking!

I don't guess I already know what I'm getting for Christmas

I don't like doing this. It ruins the surprise

Ruins surprise but at the same time fun - Lunala

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26 Set Your Alarm When You Go to Bed

Because you want your awesome presents

It helps the kids get into the spirit, because it will give them time to think about it with no distractions. If they konw this scheme, though, it will make them stop thinking in subconscious spite.

So that you can wake up nice and early to open your awesome presents :).

I don't like my alarm

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27 Run Around Being Excited

Not only will this get you more excited it will make you tired so that you will hopefully fall asleep quicker

This is what I do

I know it really works

Do it for the bantz you know

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28 Make Hot Cocoa

It is warming and if you add some special ingredients it even tastes like christmas!
What you really need to do is taste the magic of christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Cocoa is the perfect way to stay warm on a freezing cold night in December so who agrees with me.

Hot chocolate is my favorite I mean who does not like hot chocolate am I right

I am doing that with my brother in Christmas Eve

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29 Put the "Pagan" back in Christmas

Christmas isn't the birth of Christ it has been popularized by that but yes it is pagan and as an atheist I like to point this out when people shame me for celebrating Christmas without believing.

The Christians here seems to be such simpletons. Pagan atheists? Really? Also commenting that it is a Christian holiday just because. Yeah! Because it is so the first and only spot on true religion. No, but seriously. Some of the stuff in Christianity is taken from Greek Mythology. Not only but still and I mean in such a plagarized way. I do not comment this to be mean. I comment these kids of stuff to people to test their faith and how dear it is to them.

It is true that pagan yuletide celebrations are where most of the modern day Christmas traditions were founded.

Though I am Catholic, putting the Pagan in seems fun. How would one go about doing that?

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30 Play Outside In the Snow

I don't have snow were I live at I wish

I love to play in the snow! Do you?

There's no snow where I live

I’m In Australia. Yes, where I live it is very hot and 32°C is a normal temperature in summer. I have bbq and play at the beach in the sand on Christmas - Lunala

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31 Help Those Who Don't Have Much

While driving around looking at Christmas lights, see if you can pay it forward!

God gave us the gift of His Son and that is the real meaning of Christmas. This is a great way to share the love of God with another.

Every year I donate something

There you go. surprised it is number 37 though

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32 Dance Around the Tree

I love it we just did it she loved it so much

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33 Take Pictures of Your Christmas Star, Tree and Other Decorations V 2 Comments
34 Kiss Under the Mistletoe

What if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend then you can't

I would put it under my sister and her boyfriend and I forced them to kiss like fifty times LOL

Many special moments and always is fun

I don't have a boyfriend yet :( - Lunala

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35 Drink Egg Nog

One time, I went to a Mexican Grocery Store, I found some Chocolate Soccer Balls, I bought them simply because I love Chocolate. I took a bite and it was FILLED with Egg Nog. It was REALLY GOOD! I went back to the store and bought A LOT more. - RebelGamer

Eggnog is delish, and should be treated with respect. Eggnog comes in many different flavors, so every one can have a favorite kind of eggnog.

I think Eggnog is one of the best parts of Christmas

This sounds strange but: I have never tried eggnog.p - Lunala

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36 Open Presents

I do it every year not all presents just like 5 or 7

37 Tell Christmas Stories

I love Christmas stories especially the night before Christmas

My favourite Christmas story is Santa is coming to Scotland and the fairytale hairdresser and Father Christmas.So cool

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38 Attend Midnight Mass

Is awesome when I know I'm getting so close to Jesus. Like for me I don't attend to Sunday prayer regularly this is the time I want to reunion with him.

That is so fun, I wish I lived in France! I would have so much fun!

I LOVE night masses! Last year we went to midnight Mass and the musicians played carols before mass

39 Play On Your Favorite Website

I agree it really fun and I gets me in the festive mood if you play Christmas games and track Santa while watching a film

Go on santa tracker it is a web site that has a new game or video every day to countdown for Christmas

I love going online all the time

I like TheTopTens and Quotev. - Lunala

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40 Kiss Someone

Eww even though I have Someone special... And I'm like a kid(12) what a boyfriend lol

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