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41 Stay Up All Night

I love to stay up all night. I'm the youngest out of 4 kids so as a kid I was the only one up all night it's because my sister was too old to wait for Santa and wanted her sleep more some people say always go to sleep on Christmas I've said that to my own kids but if they don't I know not to blame them. Somtimes you want to go to sleep but you can't your to excited. Staying up can be kind of fun but also boring if you have Simone stay up with you it's really fun but alone a little boring one of the good things of staying up all night is that you're the first one up and get to wake everyone else especially siblings I hope some people stay up not every one though somtimes you're tired. If you stay up on you're phone track Santa on NORADs sans tacked its fun to do with kids stay up with your kids have Simone dress up like Santa and go show them the big guy Thanks

I can never stay up but this time I will the day before Christmas Eve I will go to sleep early so that I'm not tired the next night then I can see santa

I am so gonna do this on xmas eve! I keep failing, but this time, I wont fail!

Sometimes I stay up all night because my sister makes me because of santa

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42 Have a Treasure Hunt

I love treasure hunt one time I did it at the end I got money

I have done this and it is REALLY REALLY FUN

Fun thing I love this

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43 Eat Candy Canes

I love the peppermint ones the best - Lunala

44 Watch people try to do their last minute Christmas shopping just before the shops close

Hilarious guilty pleasure you have

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45 Have Sex

Hell yea

I'm 13...

This is bad for kids and parents because a kid might see that and they don’t want to see it then the kid will yell and then when the kid grows up he/she is gonna do that I hope you guys agree with me go team christmas elfs

I'm 14 year old girl. Eww I don’t want sex. This is so gross - Lunala

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46 Bubble Bath

Taking baths always let you relax and think about the wonders of the next day

I think it's a great idea

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47 Play Board Games

Maybe make it Christmas themed, and all of the words must relate to the holiday!

I really liked this last year and I am going to play it again with my mom and sister

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48 Read Christmas Books

I have a tradition of reading a Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve and twas the night before Christmas. During the run up to Christmas I read other festive books like lost Christmas and the Christmas mystery.

We read all the Christmas snooks we can find!

Read "'Twas the Night before Christmas"

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49 Go to a Movie

Movie in the PM (the best one ever was the Muppet Christmas Carole), followed by dinner at the local lost and olde world pub, as the carol singers pile in for a pint after doing the rounds. It's excellent, as they continue singing songs as the fire burns and the frost is on the ground. Christmas in the Shire!

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50 Make Tamales & Atole

I love tamales this year I'm going to help my grandma make them and my brother and my other brother wich is the oldest and maybe my mom

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51 Go Ice Skating

This could be fun and games, especially if you record any mishaps, and send off recording to you've been framed for prize money.

I love ice skating I ice skate every year on my pond.

I love ice skating it's so fun to bad we have so much to do we would never have the time for that

I love to go ice skating on Christmas Eve!

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52 Make a Card for Your Crush

My crush likes me and I already did and he made me one too

Oh come on really

Makeing a card for your crush is always nice. you could put your name in it but just make sure you say merry Christmas!

Aaand all my crushes are fictional characters and they probably hate me if they were real. - Lunala

53 Watch the Christmas Film Elf and Go Out With Family

Elf is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time!

Buddy the elf is funny I bet if he saw a pile of dog poop he would ask it to be his best friend - Lunala

I watch this movie every year at least teice🙂

54 Do a Christmas Craft

My niece loves to collect Christmas craft ideas and on Christmas Eve we do a few of them. Then save the rest for Christmas day.

I am going to do a Christmas craft I just need to wait because my mom is going to have to buy it and we will get started

I have a hole bunch of Christmas crafts I love them they're so fun to do so fun

Homemade decorations - Lunala

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55 Party the Night Down With Some Drinks

Nothing like a few drinks to keep you going through the night x is it just me r would anyone else just love company on Christmas Eve x

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56 Try to Sleep

Last Christmas Eve, when I was having a nap before Midnight Mass, I couldn't sleep AT ALL, and when I was in a kind of uncomfortable position, and my cat came and SAT on me, and I wanted him there. THANK GOODNESS the nap was almost over.

I just turned 13 and I still can never sleep on x-mas Eve.

Its really hard to fall asleep though

This is the hardest thng ever - Lunala

57 Eat Cookies

It's fun I did it today which is Christmas Eve and we went and bought cookies and ate them and then we made dinner

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58 Write a Christmas Story

Great idea, I really like writing and it will give me something to do.

I do this too. I also write poems and songs. Creative Christmas.

I will on Quotev - Lunala


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59 Have a Christmas Party

It is always nice to have a small party or get together during december. especially with family and friends

If only I had friends... - Lunala

60 Decorate the Christmas Tree

Everyone does it's fun this year I did silver and gold awesome

Decorate the Christmas tree with lights

You do it before Christmas Eve LOL

I ADORE decorating the tree

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