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61 Online Shoe Shop

Is this a thing? Sherry.

62 Make Up Stupid Christmas Traditions

Yes this is the funniest thing when you do it for a year and realise you just stupidly made it up

I like to make up stuff like open 1 present on Christmas Eve
and I saw that on YouTube

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63 Play Christmas Games
64 Play High-Low

This game is for you to share your

65 Relax

No better Christmas to have then a bit of relaxing after baking all those cookies and Christmas dinner have a bit of alone time and read a good book so just relax!

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66 Go Outside and Have Fun

Sled, snowball fight, build a fort, etc.

67 Have a Sleepover

Sleep overs are awesome because you can stay up and prank "Santa"

Enjoy yourself and have a night with a friend xx or even just an evening x

I don't have friends to sleep over with or family

68 Take a Video of You Opening Presents

It's very fun to watch your face when you open a present

You have memories

Me and my family always do that P. S you have fun doing it with your family.

Also lots and lots and lots of memories

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69 Go Looking at Christmas Lights Around the Block

We did that yesterday

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70 Make Your Favorite Christmas Dinner

Christmas is about love and family so eating as a family is exciting, when the children take time to come home with our grandchildren. This for me is the real sense of Christmas. Traditionally we always look for a person who do not have family and invited over for dinner we love to make somebody to feel the love of christ

My family and I love doing this and we gather around to eat together!

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71 Go Run 8 Miles With All the Runners In Nothing But Short Shorts and a Santa Hat

It's what I do. We got almost 600 honks. Say no more. #cross country

Haha love this idea, must try it with my running team!

72 Buy or Make Last Minute Christmas Cards or Presents

I don't wait until the last minute I'm responsible

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73 Facetime Your Eggnog Buddy V 1 Comment
74 Spy On Your Neighbours

That would be more fun with COOKIES!

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75 Prank Call

That is so cool

That would be sick bro you feeling me

76 Make Models of Christmas Things

Nice thing for fun on this eve

I love doing it

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78 Bake a Christmas Cake

It's really fun and you can eat it after Christmas dinner

79 Hang Your Stockings

I do this anyway

80 Wake up early and everyone else in the house

In my house you have to wait until everyone gets up so I'd be up at 5:00 reading my books waiting

I always do that to see what santa brought

Laugh out loud I do this every year but first I peek over the railing to see how much we got then I wake every one up but they cover my eyes so it can be a "surprise" that's because they have no idea I peeked☺️

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