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81 Avoid Christmas Arguments

Yes try really hard to do that if you are very, very, very nosy so nosy your mom says to stop every time

It is hard isn't it

82 Decorate Stockings

I love to do that with my family

83 Draw Christmas Pictures V 1 Comment
84 Put On Some Footie Pajamas
85 Put Your Dog In Cute Christmas Clothes

That would be so funny to see

L don't have a dog

86 Secret Santa At Home V 1 Comment
87 Make a Christmas Card for You and Your Family

I love to make cards and art and craft

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88 Countdown 'Til Christmas Day

If you are with friends and you countdown until Christmas then it gives you something to do get chatting and eventually you will get tired and you will fall asleep in wait for santa x

My mom would hang a big clock on the wall that we made (out of paper) and every time we walk passed we would take a number down. I loved doing that!

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89 Pull Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers at lunch and everybody's wearing crowns whilst eating lunch

You never know what you might get!

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90 Eat Chili

The day before x Mass my dad makes chili and we eat it after we go to church. Then we open a present under the tree.

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91 Make Candy
92 Play Fun Games

I still do it and I am 11 years almost 12 and it's still really fun.

It's fun I am 8 and I like it still

93 Get Excited

Even though it's well worth doing these things. Just get excited!

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94 Eat Chocolate

Stock up on sweets and that and get you're little/big brothers/sisters and go into a quite room and eat them yum laugh out loud

Chocolate is needed for a proper Chrsitmas! Stock up on Celebrations, Hereos, Roses and Quality Street! Yum.

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95 Secretly Decorate Family Members' Rooms

It is always fun to see your family surprised on Christmas morning when they find that their room has been visited by decorating "elves"!

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96 Put Out Reindeer Food
97 Open One Gift That Your Parents Bought Then Wait for the Rest from Santa

My family opens on gift every year and it's always pj's. It's really fun to wear your pj's on Christmas Eve and it gets you nice and cozy for the big night

98 Eat Fish and Chips V 1 Comment
99 Go Last Minute Shopping

Be sure to do your big last minute Christmas shopping spree before the big day to avoid disappointment getting your Christmas Turkey and other Christmas Lunch Ingredients.

100 Open Advent Calendars

You buy them BEFORE Christmas Eve

Be sure to buy your advent calendar to avoid disappointment of being sold out in your local shops.

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