Best Things to Do In Victoria BC

The Top Ten

1 Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum

If you want a place were you need a pass and then you can chill out around the space photo gallerys, this is the place. Hell, it has IMAX for all you movie junkies out there..

2 See an IMAX Movie

K... Grab your self a seat because the screen is half the size of the local legistlature.

3 Visit the Legislature

Okay... You can wach a live debate, but you need to go through a metal detector, so take you cash to them. Phones.. I think you will see...

4 Visit the Bug Zoo

Okay, this isn't suppost to be here, but as a note.. NEVER Go if you H8 bugs! They let them out of their cases, and some got lose. They didn't even deal with that.

5 Eat at Browns Socialhouse

Actually... There is normally jazz being ozzed out of that window-rich building and there is a small water fall next to it.

6 See Butchart Gardens

Stay away if old ladys bother you, but there is a small shop that sells magnets, bookmarks and more.. Even candy

7 Visit the Downtown Victoria Alleys and Stands

Okay. Tokyo has cramped up shoping spaces with a lot of merchindise, well victoria has a less pacted shoping district: China town. Full of alleys and dragon painting, it not only has beauty, but shops from medicine to souvenirs like scarfs and the occasional jewlery.

8 Eat at a Cafe

Plenty of cafes and shops. Coffee, Tea, Candy ice cream, hotdogs and more all are with these cafes and many pins and hats lie in these little shops

9 Tour the Mountains
10 Visit the Pacific National Exhibition
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