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21 Ask People What to Do

I've done this for an hour or so, and it's SUPER FUN! I swear, I wish I was sick more often now. It's extremely interesting to see what others enjoy when they're sick at home (and possibly bedridden) just like you. Or, at least, it is to me.

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22 Watch Television

Always works for me
It gets my mind of things
Makes me feel all better
I can do this any time any place and were
Every time Me and my mom watch T. V together

I have 103'f temperature. So that's like really high fever, and right now I am watching missed out episodes of vampire diaries.

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23 Draw a Picture

Love It! It will never fail to get you laughing at your art skills... Or applauding them!

That is if you can draw without becoming frustrated that is if you can't draw well.

I like to draw I love anything artistic so this takes your mind off everything

24 Listen to Music

I love this because it helps you relax

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25 Poop Your Pants

An excellent way to get your mind off being sick. If you thought your sense of smell was blocked because of that stuffy nose, think again!

Why would this help after there sick? Don't you want it to go away

Why would anyone want to poop there pans epecily if your in your PJ's

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26 Crank Up Some Music

lolz, I do this when I'm sick home, lmao, or sleep too, MICHAEL JACKSON, yea that kind of music, hee hee, lol - SmoothCriminal

What if your not allowed because your stepladder is really strict?!

I would crank up some music but my dad is asleep. Thanks for the idea

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27 Say a Word Until It Loses Its Meaning

I do this all the time with the word "Scrabble" laugh out loud

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi... What does it mean again?

Once I only got through it twice once

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28 Make Simple Gifts

Giving handmade Gifts to all your friends and teachers is a nice way to take your mind off being sick

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31 Daydream

Daydreaming helps and you can reflect on life or play a little movie in your head.

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32 Stay in bed, and look up random things on the net

This is pretty much what I always do when I'm sick..It simply takes your mind off the pain(if you have any, haha)

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33 Lie in Bed Eating Pineapple
34 Complain to People About Your Illness

It's good because then people will feel bad for you then you can get a lot of cool stuff

My girlfriend likes to complain even when she is not sick!

This works great you can miss school and people will be like are you ok do you need some soup I'll go run a hot bathe I'll go buy you that giant 5 foot stuffed bear you wanted

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35 Take Medicine

How else will you get better?

Did it and threw up

What if your not allowed

Cough drops

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36 Write a Story

Writing will clear your mind and let you think clearly. It can express as you feel being sick or you can create a fantasy for yourself

Too much work, and its hard to think clearly when your sick.. You just wanna rest and not think up some story,

It will be too hard too if your sick

Got it published

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37 Go On Facebook

Read other peoples problems get your mind off your own

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38 Do Your Makeup

Make yourself feel pretty

That is a really good Idea

But your sick


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39 Eat Until You Can't Anymore

I love to eat until I drop, sometimes I go crazy with my favorites!

What if you can't swallow because your throat is soar

What if your not allowed to eat when your sick

But I have strep throat

40 Text Friends

I can't because their all in school

I do that because they always have so thing funny to say

What if its gross?

I love to talk to my friends but there all doing something my bff has gone to a park my other friends still in bed and another one won't answer my call! 😭

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