Best Things to Do While Home Sick

Too sick to be productive? Too sick to go to work, or just can't do it today. There are a few of my favorite things to do whilst stuck in bed, sick.

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61 Have Sex

Why would you have sex when your sick? ARe you evil? are you trying to spread your disease? why? I mean how would you even have the energy to have sex? you are SICK? this is dumb and it has made ME PERSONALLY OFFENDED.

This is stupid kids are on this site it's not like they don't ever get sick don't put stupid and dumb stuff on here

I am 7 years old

That's gross u pass your sickness on this is just not suitable for this website

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62 Re-Watch One of Your Favorite TV Shows
63 Shower

If you feel congested have a warm shower, or if you have a high temperature then just have a cool bath

64 Turn On the Humidifier

If you do this it will clear up your nose and it makes a comfortable environment

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65 Learn Programming

Find free programming software and teach yourself how to build an iPhone appreciate.

66 Spend Some Time Outside

If you get some fresh air, you might feel a little better and if you have a pet you can bring them out with you

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67 Chill



68 Plan Out What You Are Going to Do for April Fools Day
69 Watch a Movie

This helps me to relax.

70 Talk On the Phone

Most people don't have time to just call people and catch up in their regular busy day, so why not do it when you do have time.

You can't talk on the phone if everyone else is at school.

71 Make Other People Feel Bad for You.

Does it say: I can't talk I'm sick? Sorry I'm not sure...

Treesfeseersgdrgerteutbfbhgjbbgdtrtrgvtdrrd. Hee hee. Just kidding. Good idea though.

Iscont Tolkimsick

Try reading this is you can't your are very very sick
If you can give a comment for what is sais

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72 Get Fresh Air
73 Talk About Butts

That makes no sense

I do this everyday with my boss.

I'm Dying Of Laughter


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74 Ask to Go Shopping

It's good to keep you occupied

75 Make a Bubbly Drink

This was not very helpful because of the fizz in the drinks and make you belly start feeling weird and then you MIGHT throw up or/and have diarrhea.

Actually bubbly drinks like Sprite and ginger ale is supposed to help your stomach and I personally think that it also helps sore throats

Bubbles always make me feel better even my mum agrees. You should try it. Just don't drink too much at once.

76 Delete the Nicki Minaj wiki

It will make you feel great


77 Clean

I think it's nice to clean while your sick so you don't have to do it when you are perfectly fine and if you are to weak you have an excuse for someone to do most of the work you don't want to do

78 Think of Super Powers You Would Love to Have

That is actually an interesting thing to do, along with, of course, starting wars on YouTube videos by deliberately being a reatard!

79 Make Funny Faces

I always make funny faces it just makes me loose my mind

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80 Annoy Family Members

Dude are you ok

What if I'm not alowed because they are dead

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