Top Ten Best Things to Eat for Breakfast


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1 Waffles

Very good crap especially with whipped cream

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2 Pancakes

PANKAKES they are the best food in the world!

Especially chocolate chip!
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1. Pancakes
2. Waffles
3. Cereal
4. French Toast

Should be Number One. I love whenever Mom makes pancakes. - DCfnaf

Pancakes are the best! There is almost nothing as good as a top 3 are...
3.french toast
I can taste all of the there's just talking about it

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3 Cereal

Cereal everyday - forever & always. (:
Crunchy and sweet, how can you resist something this good!?

Who can resist the best-tasting, easiest breakfast around?

Millions of small delicious snacks in one bow, with milk inside. - lizard302

Seriously this is an insult to cereal

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4 Eggs & Bacon

The Classic. Gets your protein and calories in nicely for breakfast, unlike sugary, energy depleting waffles and pancakes. (Both of which are still delicious however. :D) - gimi8609

A very yummy way to start the day! And keeps you going till lunchtime without all those unhealthy snacks!

sprinkled with a little salt and a little pepper... Perfection on a plate! - thetalkingtortilla

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5 Crepes

I think they are so good. I love them so much that my aunt makes them ever time I go to her house.

I think it tastes good with all that fruit and sometimes nutella.

Thinner then pancakes but better more concentrated flavour

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6 Bacon

I can not live with out bacon it's my starter for the day can not be with out it

7 French Toast

I love french toast.
In fact my mom sometimes makes french and it
Is really good
Yum yum!

The best breakfast ever - kylebuschfan18

Love French Toast - DCfnaf

8 Bagels

With cream cheese - Luke_Sullivan4

9 Pop-Tart

These are so unhealthy! Why?

10 Sausage

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11 Hash Browns

There is no such things as a good breakfast without hash browns

12 Muffins

They're so good! Who can resist them?!? Just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. They feel so good in my mouth. I know I can't resist them. SO SO SO GOOD! I could eat then every day. Wh

Yum Yum Yum Who can not resit the pull that muffins make you feel. They are heaven on a plate and they tatse awesome with bacon. YUM YUM YUM

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13 Fruit
14 Omelets

Yummy in my but

Ommelets with bacon,egg,sausage,Hasbrowns,and melted cheese inside is the best thing on the face of the earth!

15 Chocolate Chip Pancakes
16 Eggs Benedict

Crap the FNaF fans are gonna storm this one. - DCfnaf

Yum yum

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1?!?! - puncity


17 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese grilled cheese grilled cheese! - MLPFan

For breakfast?

It's a great pick it'll be something to get up in the morning for.

18 Bagels with Orange Juice
19 English Muffins
20 Toast
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1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
2. Bacon
3. Pancakes
1. Crepes
2. Pancakes
3. Eggs Benedict
1. Waffles
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3. Pancakes

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