Top Ten Best Things to Have for Breakfast

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1 Waffles

Heaven crammed into a plate

I love waffles so much that Teen Titans Crap ruined it.

Very good crap especially with whipped cream

Elite breakfast food - Randomator

2 Pancakes

PANKAKES they are the best food in the world!

Especially chocolate chip!
My List
1. Pancakes
2. Waffles
3. Cereal
4. French Toast

Should be Number One. I love whenever Mom makes pancakes. - DCfnaf

This is actually really unhealthy though

3 Cereal

Cereal everyday - forever & always. (:
Crunchy and sweet, how can you resist something this good!?

Who can resist the best-tasting, easiest breakfast around?

Millions of small delicious snacks in one bow, with milk inside. - lizard302

This needs to be higher up I mean #9? Are you serious? - lizard302

4 Bacon

I can not live with out bacon it's my starter for the day can not be with out it

Bacon is relly good - gabbi

5 Biscuits and Gravy

These are my favorite, but I can never find them around where I live. The best ones I ever had were on the one time I went on a vacation to Florida (it's where I took my profile picture) and after not sleeping on the long flight we went to a small dinner. I don't think I'll ever find a better one - SirSheep

Mmm... - Firemist

Agreed - PumpkinKing109

You really can't go wrong with Biscuits and Gravy - Randomator

6 Eggs & Bacon

The Classic. Gets your protein and calories in nicely for breakfast, unlike sugary, energy depleting waffles and pancakes. (Both of which are still delicious however. :D) - gimi8609

A very yummy way to start the day! And keeps you going till lunchtime without all those unhealthy snacks!

sprinkled with a little salt and a little pepper... Perfection on a plate! - thetalkingtortilla

It's a great breakfast. The only breakfast I wouldn't mind eating other than English muffins and dry cereal. I'm such a werid kid... - JaysTop10List

7 Hash Browns

There is no such things as a good breakfast without hash browns

Omggg love love love - gabbi

8 Donuts

Not having these on the list is a sin. - Randomator

Donuts are awesome the best ones are at krispy kream

9 Pop-Tart

Ew above french toast? I mean r u serious?! so gross, they taste floury - gabbi

These are so unhealthy! Why?

I love them so much that I can't get enough.

These are delicious!

10 Sausage

The Contenders

11 Crepes

I think they are so good. I love them so much that my aunt makes them ever time I go to her house.

I think it tastes good with all that fruit and sometimes nutella.

Thinner then pancakes but better more concentrated flavour

Crepes are my pancakes. - benhos

12 Croissants

This is basically my favourite food for a breakfast. - Userguy44

13 Cinnamon Rolls

You cannot forget these - Randomator

14 Bagels

With cream cheese - Luke_Sullivan4

15 French Toast

I love french toast.
In fact my mom sometimes makes french and it
Is really good
Yum yum!

French Toast over anything, tastes good everywhere. Even school.

The best breakfast ever - kylebuschfan18

Love French Toast - DCfnaf

16 Fruit
17 Chocolate Chip Pancakes

yum - gabbi

18 Muffins

They're so good! Who can resist them?!? Just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. They feel so good in my mouth. I know I can't resist them. SO SO SO GOOD! I could eat then every day. Wh

Muffins r the best! Laugh out loud

Yum Yum Yum Who can not resit the pull that muffins make you feel. They are heaven on a plate and they tatse awesome with bacon. YUM YUM YUM

19 Scrambled Eggs

Actually a decent breakfast. Why no one vote it?

20 Dutch Baby (German Pancake)

I'm pretty sure that nobody here know what this is without looking it up. Except my brother - SirSheep

Interesting name. - Userguy44

21 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese grilled cheese grilled cheese! - MLPFan

For breakfast?

It's a great pick it'll be something to get up in the morning for.

22 Bagels with Orange Juice
23 Orange Juice

Apple Juice is better - Randomator

24 English Muffins
25 Granola
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