Best Things to Eat With Milk

Milk goes great with lots of food. What's the best?

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1 Cookies

Cookies are amazing with milk and so everyone agrees. I use to have it as a baby. Very very very very very nice I think everyone should vote

Chips ahoy is So AMAZING with milk so good so right the best snack damn right - SmoothCriminal

cookies with milk is great

YUMMM! Warm cookies and milk at grandma's house! 🍪🥛

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2 Oreos

Mann, I had some oreos yesterday and they just weren't the same without milk! So, my mom went out and bought some milk and, it was instant heaven the second that milk saturated cookie and soaked cream encountered my lips and greedy teeth!

They're so EPIC! The double cream ones are best but the normal ones are still epic! Man I wish I had some right now actually!

Oreos we're MADE for milk! Lets go double golden stuff! The black is good also, I prefer the white one though.

Oreos are the best

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3 Cereal

You can't have cereal without milk.

It's a necessity with most - SUPPORTFRERARD!

I cannot eat cereal without milk. Enough said

Even I can eat cereal without milk, but this one is totally the best on this list.

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4 Brownies

Why isn't chocolate or peanut butter on this list? I think that rich things are the best with milk! It washes down the throat

In a nutshell...
Best snack
Best chocolate food
Best baked thing
Best sweet thing
AND best thing that goes with milk!

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5 Cake

I just had it! chocolate truffle and milk

6 Donuts

mmmmmmm! donuts and milk! *drool* - foxrocks

Nothing better than a Chocolate Long John Doughnut with a glass of fresh milk - ItzPhantasy



7 Cinnamon Rolls

I totally agree with you. Cinnamon rolls are amazing! The thing is, I hate milk, so whenever I get milk with cinnamon rolls, I eat a million rolls and barely drink any milk.

But its not healthy to not drink milk. Unless you drink almond milk... - puncity

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8 Pie

Apple pie be the best! in kolkata you get the best at park

9 Pancakes

Really washes down the syrupy bites :) I'm surprised more people don't do this! And waffles too

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10 Pop Tarts

Pop tarts are life. So when pop tarts and milk are together it was instant heaven

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11 Cupcakes

Especially Sprinkles with milk. The richness of the frosting will balance the cold tang of the white goodness.

12 Bananas

I I love bananas with milk and chocolate


Yay bananas

Yay love this bitch ass pair

13 Peanut Butter and Jelly

An absolute must, mainly compliments the peanut butter.

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14 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
15 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

I hate milk alone... That is why something is necessary... Chocolate is best one - zuni

Nobody can deny the combination of tasty chocolate and refreshing milk!

16 Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Milk helps cool down the heat and is a perfect compliment

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17 Twinkies

twinkies are the best, in mexico are call submarinos and you can find them straberry and chocolate flavored - RenoK

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18 S'mores
19 Bread

Sweet bread aka pan dulce is amazing with milk! Not just donuts, that Mexican bread with milk is delicious

20 Pizza

Cranberry Juice, Shirley Temples, and Ginger Ales are all better for Pizza in my opinion. - DCfnaf

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