Best Things About the Film How to Train Your Dragon

I cant help it, I LOVE this movie. After the movie, I stay smiling for at least 10 minutes. If you haven't watched it yet, GO AND RENT IT! As for the rest of us, we can look back at what made this film so great. So, lets go back to this animated world and see why we loved about it.
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1 The Breathtaking Soundtrack

Yep soundtrack is just amazing and unparalleled. "Forbidden Friendship" the best of all. Everyone just hear it. Its tune and everything. "Test Drive","Romantic Flight","Coming Back Around","This Is Berk" and "Where's Hiccup" are other exceptional tracks. They just bind the plot, situations and rhythm of the movie. Forbidden Friendship scene was also incredible. Certainly movie was full package. It is certainly in my list of top 3 animated movies

After watching the movie, the only thing that goes through my head is John Powell's epic soundtrack. I love it. Best thing about this movie by far.

John Powell I found from Kung Fu Panda, another one of my favourite DreamWorks movies... His and Hans Zimmer's talents are beyond explanation

The music fits the touching moments just right and pulls you in. You feel the moments in your heart.

2 The Ending

There's so many things I could list about why I love this movie so much, but the ending is definitely one of the best things. "We have... Dragons. "

The ending was one of the greatest animated film endings ever.

Sad and wistful, yet, sublime and touching

amazing. thank you booklover1 for making this list! I love it! the ending may not be my favorite because there is so many good things about this movie and alought is on this list! if you haven't seen it then get it!

3 Toothless is So Cute

I love toothless. All the other things are fantastic too but he's so cute. Every time I see him I smile. I had a tough time deciding what was better, the sequel (has more cute toothless), or toothless. Still can't wait for the sequel.

I love the way at the beginning Toothless is a feared creature of death and destruction...Ten minutes later he's a cute pet/friend forever.

Toothless is so darn cute one look into is eyes and you are hooked

He's so precious! And he's always looking at you like "what? "

4 The "Forbidden Friendship" Scene

The forbidden friendship scene and the ending and the soundtrack and the sequel which I've seen twice are all so wonderful to good for words I cry every time I see it I cried during the sequel I have Every
Song on my iPod I've seen the T.V. series countless times and I can't wait to see 3 in 2016 I will die when it comes out if I can't see it on the first day

Because, let's face it, this is the scene that won us all over at the theater.

The soloist's whispery voice puts goosebumps on your arm

5 The Visuals

Even without 3D, the visuals are amazing.

6 The Plot

Starts off a little slow but really picks up pace.

7 The Flying Scenes

When Hiccup and Astrid are riding in the sky and Hiccup does like a loop and they are fying upsidedown at one point and they like go from the sky to into the unizerse it almost seems, that part was so amazing. The music and the aniamtion especially.

I think that this should be higher with the AWESOME soundtrack! I mean, wow. Just wow. I can't help but smile at that moment when Hiccup throws away that tail cheat-sheet and does some EPIC manuvers with Toothless! But this is basically the same as 'The Breathtaking Soundtrack', so it was hard to decide which one to vote for. But really, they're the same, and the music would ALMOST :) be nothing with out these scenes, and the scenes would be nothing without the soundtrack. Get my point?
-Emberfur the cat

During the "test drive" scene, I almost always get chills when Toothless dives down, and brushes his wing-tip against the water! The soundtrack for that scene is even more epic! I highly recommend that you look it up! (it's called "test drive. ")

8 The Weekly Animated Series

In 2012, Cartoon Network will air a new TV show based on the movie

9 There Will Be a Sequel

I saw it...and I was hooked...but not for long, sadly.

Either way, it will forever be the BEST MOVIE ever! (well, best dreamworks movie. Its second best next to bh6 in my list)

The sequel will be coming out on June 2014 and, Hiccup is gonna be 18 years old in the second film!

In 2013, Dreamworks will release a sequel.

The second movie was awesome!

10 Its Humor

Hiccups Sarcasm and the vikings actions make this a very funny fim.

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11 The Cast

The voice actors in this film are great. The vikings sound a lot like real vikings plus Jay Baruchel is really good too.

12 The Action

When there fighting that huge dragon, it was a great scene.

13 The Moral
14 The Dragons

The dragons graphics were just you know...AWESOME

15 It's Very Moving

I love this movie...

16 The Way Toothless Shoots Fire

its like a hot blue bullet! and it makes a awesome noise too! bbyoo

17 Fishlegs

so funny. I love how he is saying stuff like page 45. or something like that. and he always does it when the teacher is talking. ha ha ha ha ha.

18 The Terrible Terrors
19 The Dragon Training
20 The Animation
21 Gobber

Gobber is just so hilarious and amazing and sometimes dumb.

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