Best Things About Need for Speed

The best racing series of all time. What is your favorite part? Don't forget to comment!

The Top Ten

1 The Cop Chases

Ain't nothing more fun than running from cops and slamming into a breakable thing to see what happens ;)

2 The Visual Upgrades
3 The Cars

the cars in hot pursuit 2 are the best - moose4life19

Cars look even more cool in Need For Speed than in any other racing games.
Modification done are also good.

4 The Performance Upgrades

a cobalt can be faster than a RX-8! - moose4life19

5 The Boss Races

very challenging and hard - moose4life19

6 The Races
7 The Traffic

my friend and I always videotape ourselves crashing and flipping cars! - moose4life19

8 The Extra Places

like the parking lot in carbon or the golf course in most wanted - moose4life19

9 The Bonuses

like the burger king truck in most wanted - moose4life19

10 The Online Playing

Me and my friend always have to get on the online blacklist, but I am way better than my friend who owns it and I dont! - moose4life19

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