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21 Very Well Organized and Easy to Navigate
22 This List

I don't find it offensive. It's funny.

23 Lots of Good Ideas to Make a List
24 Just Plain Fun

It's a very entertaining website.

25 Voting On Lists
26 Knowing People's Opinions
27 Community-Like
28 Less Racist Comments

TheTopTens racism is so pathetic in amount. - GamerQuinn

In most websites, the amt. Of racist comments are HUGE compared to TheTopTens. - Animefan12

29 Stats
30 Don't Have To Do An Online Survey
31 That There Are Hot Women Lists
32 That No-one Has the Same Opinion
33 Can Spend Hours On This Site AKA Great Boredom Killer
34 If You Don't Come Back to a List for a Long Time You Can Vote On That List Again
35 The Background
36 You Can Meet Nice People

How would you know whether they are nice or just pretending to be? Most of folks just try to act nice and compassionate toward everyone to look cool and get praise. People who have trouble making friends in real world often do that online. - LordofL

CrimsonShark, Jack2244, TwilightKitsune, I'm out of ideas (JK) - EliHbk

37 Remix Lists
38 Meeting People

Real world people are enough. At least you can see them and make of their true nature. - LordofL

39 Random/Funny Lists

I like these kind of lists *smacks a unicorn's face with a potato* - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

40 Family Friendly
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