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1 Edward

Edward's a nice and clever train, but will people please stop praising him like he's Jesus?

I Like Him because, he's kind and wise and because he was the first character ever.

Edward is my favorite because he's the steadiest and nicest engine.

Will someone stops editing photos that I have already edited?

2 Gordon

I don't think Gordon is a very good express engine anymore because I don't Gordon knows what he's doing a lot of times and he never arrives on time also and I think he is a little bit too old fashioned also and I think it's time to get a faster streamlined engine to takeover the express and I think we should get an modern streamlined engine like Connor or Caitlin and they would arrvive on time also and things would go much faster also?

Someone up top has bad grammar. Gordon has been my favorite since I was a child. I still have all of the old original Thomas tapes from way back when their mouths didn't move! The new streamlined engines can stay on the mainland. I like Spencer too he's cool.

I think Gordon should be fired and replaced with Connor instead because he's knows what he's doing And he would do much better job of pulling the express then Gordon did and he was just not fast enough to be on time also?

Since Gordon blew up his boiler in the great race I think sir topham hatt should just get rid of him and scrapped and get another streamlined engine to do the express instead?

3 Henry

Unpopular opinion, but I think he was better after he became the gentle giant type, because, as a teenage fan of a toddlers’ show, I can easily relate. Maybe I’m not seeing what people saw in him that set him apart from Gordon in his grumpy days, but, with the fact that Henry was originally built with the wrong firebox and had to have special coal for a while, it’s easy to see why his former grumpiness would be a mask for his inner insecurities.

Henry, by far, has the best history of all the other engines. He was the equivalent of a lazy person who won't do what he's told to a failure that can't do anything and after his accident with the Flying Kipper, he became one of the most successful engines on Sodor

He’s nice brave silly shy and a little scared but He learns that it’s alright to be afraid a little even though his friends make him mad at times he knows that they never mean it and They will always tell him sorry! He even laughs for the first time in pouty James! After James says a silly joke that goes like Did somebody order some milk? Moo! He starts laughing

I don't understand why poor Henry had to leave and he's sleeping with that dumb idiot Rosie.
Still, he's honestly a very nice character with no full-on enemies.

4 Thomas

While I am slightly annoyed with how the T.V. series tries to feature Thomas wherever possible, this is because he is the most popular character, which I'm not surprised about. I think there is a little bit of Thomas in quite a few people I know. He's cheeky, naughty, quick to do the wrong thing when in a bad temper, and tends to let advice from older, more experienced engines such as Edward slip through one cab door and out the other (he doesn't listen). But he is also kind, sympathetic, brave and willing to help anyone out of trouble. While his appearing in episodes in which his role clearly suits other characters frustrates me (the original books, 'The Railway Series', was an ensemble series, and the 'friends' part of the title suggests a larger main cast of characters akin to the books), it is clear that the character has gone on a visible journey in his 70-year working life as a children's character. At the start, Thomas was overexcited and bored with his work as a station pilot. ...more

Can someone add Nia and Rebecca to this list since they've joined the Steam Team? The new Steam Team consists of Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and new engines Nia and Rebecca.

Thomas is better than Percy, James, Gordon, Edward, Henry, Toby, Duck, Oliver, Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben and Emily. He is my Favorite Character.

He's the main character, and I like him. He's cheeky and funny. However, I hate when they force him in every single story.

5 James

James was my favorite ever since I was 2. I don't know if it was because of his fiery red coat or snooty behavior but whatever the reason I was drawn to him.
James is arrogant and vain but cares deeply about Sir Topham Hatt's praise and approval and will work hard to get it. He is also very relatable to the other engines because like Gordon, he can be quite proud. Like Edward and Henry, he can sympathize to others even if he does or does not help. He is like Thomas where he can be mischievous and bump a few annoying freight cars here and there. And like Mavis, he is quite bossy with coaches and the troublesome trucks.
Also, I always thought his advetures were the best, I.e. getting stung on his nose, almost getting burnt alive by Diesel 10's claw, getting stuck in a dense fog, falling off tracks, and needing Jeremiah Jobling's bootlaces to tie a busted pipeline. Those are not even half.
James is the smaller of the 3 main tenders ( the others being Gordon and Henry) so he can ...more

Because he is the most esplendid engine! And he have a good heart and he is very funny and he brings emotion to the series when it appears

James was always my favorite since he was the trouble maker of the group.

He is very fun and a joker but he always helps his friends.

6 Percy

Percy is my Favorite Engine. I love how cheeky his is, and how he is so small, and makes him stand to tall! also, he and Thomas feel like Brothers.

Does the big station at tidmouth need another station pilot after Duck went away to run the little western?

I Like Him because of his personality and his voice.

Hi I'm going to do some comments on the thomas lists.

7 Duck

Ok, let me settle everything down, Duck is very special to me because Britt Alcroft had no desire what so ever to have, mm mm, Montegue into the series, even though he was in the railway series,"Mainline Engines". But one day Britt was just walking down the road when she saw a Britsh Great Western Painnier tank engine. She decided that it actually was a good idea just to settle in a awkward vain great western engine. Duck was also supposed to be introduced a little more down the road, but Britt and the Reverand himself wanted fans to see what thomas and friends could do and wanted more viewers. But this is what I don't understand, why do some people hate Duck because he dose' the do anything or he just talks about how amazing being great western is. Well people like Oliver and he always talks about how awesome being great western is. And I am going to be very honest right now, I don't think that Duck is that bad in the CGI series. You can make all your opinions because I don't care, ...more

The reason why fans like him is because he is (The original) number 8, and he has a quirky personality. I like Duck, but I'm not a fanboy. and many fans feel that if Emily becomes no. 8, it would be disreguarding the awdry's works, on top of Emily "replacing" him. but he WAS going to be in the steam team, but many people thought the lack of female characters was sexist, and HiT was already in many sticky spots about that, so they had no choice. here is a list of female characters before season 7. Lady Hatt, Mrs. Kyndly, Daisy, Mavis, The Refreshment Lady, Caroline, And Lady. And that is why people like Duck the great western engine. now feel free to dislike this comment and reply that my opinion is weird. thank you.

Personally my favorite characters are Donald (9) and Douglas (10) because they're the original tough guys. And don't worry, I won't dislike your comment.

A lot of fans rave about Duck, but he hasn't really done that much besides going on and on about the Great Western Way. Just my opinion...

8 Toby

In all spots 4-7, it's just the trains with their corresponding numbers. Anyways, Toby is a wimp sometimes, but he has some really good episodes.

I hate the way he was treated in season 19. I mean, he only got three speaking roles in that season! I mean, come on!

Did the Toby the tram engine events took place in 1949 before the events of Gordon the big engine (1950)?

He's such a kind and determined character. It's sad the way he's being treated.

9 Duke

An engine who's terrifically wise and grand.

He is a great character and needs to return!

Such a heart-warming dynamic with Peter Sam & Sir Handel.

Narrow gauge version of Emily.

10 Donald

Donald was my favorite character when I was little. I love the theme song and how he is 1 out of 2 Scottish characters is the hole entire franchise

He and Douglas should have appeared more often. Very underrated, these two. I'm glad they returned in SLOTLT.

Why is Donald better than Douglas? You're said that four times already!

Do we have any proof that he's going to appear in the 20th Season?

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11 Sir Handel

I like Sir Handel, he's like the narrow-gauge version of James.

Such a heart-warming dynamic with Duke & Peter Sam.

Sir Handel is better than Peter Sam.

Narrow Gauge version of Gordon

12 Oliver

He has the best character development and some of the best episodes like Escape and Toad Stands by. What I love about him is that he's flawed and three dimensional unlike most of the new series characters. He's an underrated character that needs more love(his break van has more episodes than him).

I dunno whether to like him because of his personality or to hate him because he has the same name of one of the NWR engines. Maybe if they changed his name?

He is the only engine out of the original 11 to not have his character turn into an idiot

I love the name Oliver it is an awesome name for kids and names in movies

13 Douglas

? Elizabeth is 19 on the list, and on Dougie's part of thie list it also says he is on number 19! Is this goof seen on your computer?

Douglas is better than Donald. I like his name, I don't like Donald's name.

Why are the Scottish twins so low? They're the best characters!

My twenty-second favorite character along with Donald.

14 Diesel 10

Firstly he has a giant hydraulic claw called Pinchy. Who doesn't want a giant claw?! Also, that mustard paint makes him stand out even more. And come on, that introduction to him in TATMR, best first impression of a character EVER. All the engines rate him 10/10 for devious deeds and brutal strength. More like 1000/10! He almost destroyed Lady at one point, and in multiple danger has almost stopped Thomas in his tracks. To add to that, he hates ALL STEAMIES! Not just a few, all of them. That's harsh. Add to that he's a diesel, and you basically have the best character from Thomas and Friends ever.

He is so god! I mean, who wants a hydraulic claw on top of them? Me! And he's mustard coloured too! How can you not like him?! He's 10/10 for Devious Deeds and Brutal Strength!

Diesel 10 is my most favorite character in the entire series since Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

I personally didn't like the way he was portrayed in TATMR, but he did get better roles after that movie.

15 Boco

Anyone thought what ever happened to BoCo? He stopped appearing early in the Classic Series for no reason.

"Stop! You're making me giddy! " BoCo was a brilliant character ever since his first episode (The Diseasel).

BoCo is a great character and deserves to return in cgi and be #1 on here!

He is a great character and needs to return!

16 Salty

The Ugly Red One (only sml fans understand)

17 Peter Sam

The only episodes he appears in that I hate are Snow (Even though he only made a cameo appearence in that episode, the ending was not funny at all! ) & Duncan Gets Spooked (He never spoke, give him a speaking role! )

Let's make this straight, I think Peter Sam is the narrow gauge version of Gordon. Respect my opinion please.

Peter Sam is also the narrow gauge version of Percy because their names both begin with the same letter.

Peter Sam is the narrow gauge version of Percy because they're both green, cheeky and naive.

18 Duncan

Guess what everyone! Duncan is now in full CGI! Look up Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger and Duncan the Humbug for him in full CGI! You're welcome!

He has grown on me since his reintroduction into the series.

He's a plain blunt engine, he speaks as he finds. Lovin' him!

Narrow gauge version of Donald.

19 Spencer

Now I don't hate him, but he's a completely pointless villain in Hero of the Rails.

No. Gordon and the Flying Scotsman are A3s, and Spencer is an A4. A3s were built before the A4s.

Spencer is better than The Policeman.

Spencer is Gordon and the flying Scotsmans Older cousin

20 Sir Topham Hatt

I can watch this guy scold his trains for hours and not die due to cringe.

Sir Topham Hatt is better than Mr. Percival.

He's so funny! He has hilarious one liners!

So funny he slipped on a banana pell

21 Rheneas

Why is Rheneas this low? He saved the Skarloey Raiilway! Should be in the top ten.

Rheneas is better than Skarloey and Toby.

Why is he so low

Rheneas is better than Smudger & Stanley.

22 Bill

Ahh Bill and Ben trolling since the 1980s... They should be a bit higher up on the list

Double trouble equals double fun.

Bill is better than Ben.

Amazing Twins

23 Ben

Double trouble equals double fun.

I like him better then bill

Ben is better than bill.

Amazing Twins

24 Emily

Because she was not introduced until Season 7. In all the seasons before that she didn't appear because she didn't exist.

I Like her because, her basis and her voice, that she's the leading female engine.

How come she wasn't in all the Episodes?

Peep peep! She is engine number 12!

25 Molly

She is the most relatable character in the whole Thomas franchise! She is almost a part of the steam team, making many many cameos and who can forget her passing Castle Loch!

She is one of the best characters ever! She needs to return now!

Molly is really the only relatable character in the series!

107? Criminally low for such a relatable character.

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